AmEx Credit Line Increases: Only One Per Six Months

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Here’s an interesting little tidbit about American Express… They won’t increase your credit line more often than once every six months. I found this out the hard way because we recently converted our old AmEx Optima card to a Blue Cash rewards card, and I asked for a credit line increase around that same time.

After I received the card and looked more closely at the terms of their rewards program, however, I decided that I wanted to start using it as my primary reward credit card. Thus, I went back online and requested another credit line increase. Despite having sterling credit and more than enough income to support my request, I was denied.

Upon calling AmEx to ask what was up, I was transferred to the credit line increase department where I learned that they have a hard limit of one increase every six months. I explained the situation and asked them to reconsider and was told (very politely) that there’s nothing that they can do. This is apparently one a very few policies where they don’t have any latitude.

The moral of the story is to be absolutely sure you know how much of an increase you want before requesting one.

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Published on January 17th, 2008 - Leave a Comment
Filed under: Credit Card Tips

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