Citibank Change in Cardholder Terms, Rate Increase, and Opt-Out Notice

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Editor’s Note: These offers have expired and are no longer available. The rates in this article were accurate at the original time of writing and publishing this article and are no longer current. Please see the issuers website for current rates and offers.

This afternoon we received a “Notice of Change in Terms and Right to Opt Out from Citibank” in the mail. We’ve known that Citi would be increasing rates for a couple of weeks now, but we now have details straight from the horse’s mouth. All I can say is that… I sure am glad that we don’t carry a balance on our cards!

I’ve transcribed the entire letter below, but here’s an executive summary:

  • Purchase APR is going up to a minimum of 16.99%
  • Cash advance APR is going up to a minimum of 21.99%
  • Default APR is easier to trigger, and increasing to a minimum of 23.99%
  • Fees for foreign transactions are increasing (new 3% transaction fee)
  • You can opt out of the changes, but they’ll ultimately close your account

Here’s the full text of the letter:

The Changes. We are changing you Card Agreement. The changes will be effective for all billing periods beginning on or after December 3, 2008. The changes will be effective whether or not you receive a billing statement.

I. We are changing how we calculate your variable APR for purchases:

We are increasing your variable APR for purchases. Your purchase APR will equal the U.S. Prime Rate plus 10.99% with a minimum APR of 16.99%. As of October 1, 2008, this purchase APR is 16.99%. This APR equals a daily periodic rate of 0.0465%.

II. We are changing how we calculate your variable APR for cash advances:

We are increasing your variable APR for cash advances. Your cash advance APR will equal the U.S. Prime Rate plus 16.99% with a minimum APR of 21.99%. As of October 1, 2008, this cash advance APR is 21.99%. This APR equals a daily periodic rate of 0.0602%.

III. We are changing the following sections regarding APRs:

Default APR. All your APRs (including promotional APRs) on all balance may automatically increase to the deafult APR if you default under any Card Agreement you have with us because you

  • do not make the minimum payment when due,
  • go over the credit line, or
  • make a payment to us that is not honored.

The deafult APR equals the greater of (1) the Prime Rate plus 23.99% or (2) up to 29.99%. We set your default APR by reviewing the seriousness of your default with us and your credit history. The default APR takes effect as of the first day of the billing period in which you default. We may lower the APR for new purchases and/or cash advances if you meet the new terms of all Card Agreements that you have with us for six billing periods in a row. However, the default APR will continue to apply to your existing balances until they are paid in full, unless we tell you otherwise..

IV. We are changing how we calculate the fee for foreign purchases. This fee will be called the Transaction Fee for Foreign Pruchases. The description in your Card Agreement of this fee will be as follows:

Transaction Fee for Foreign Purchases. We add a fee of 3% of the U.S. dollar amount of each purchase made outside the U.S., whether made in U.S. Dollars or in a foreign currency. This fee is a FINANCE CHARGE.

RIght to Opt Out. to opt out of these changes, you must call or write us by January 31, 2009. When you do, you must tell us that you are opting out. Call us toll-free at 1-866-565-7030. (Please have your account number available.) Write us at Customer Service Center, P.O. Box 6218, Sioux Falls, SD, 57117-6218. Include your name, address, and account number on your letter.

If you opt out of these charges, you may use your account under the current terms until the end of your current membership year or the expiration date on your card, whichever is later. We will close your account at that time. You must then repay the balance under the current terms.

So there you have it… A bunch of negative changes for Citi cardholders. If you’re carrying a balance on one of their cards, then it’s probably time to start looking around for a 0% balance transfer offer. If you don’t carry a balance, then this really isn’t too big of a deal.

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Comments (scroll down to add your own):

  1. Thanks for the heads up as I actually just received my letter and called Citicard to Opt out. How unfortunate for them as I have been a cardholder for almost 15 years.

    Comment by Rafael — Nov 30th 2008 @ 6:33 pm
  2. I just got this letter and do have a balance. If I opt out, do I have to pay off the entire balance immediately? Or can I continue to make payments until the balance is paid off? I called, but they did not answer that in any clear way. I no longer carry the card and have a much lower rate, which is why I haven’t paid it off… I was focusing on another card with a higher rate.

    Comment by Erika — Nov 30th 2008 @ 11:51 pm
  3. Erika: According to the terms of the letter that I received (see above), they will not close your account immediately. Rather, they will close it when you reach your card expiration date, or when you reach your cardmember anniversary, whichever is later. At that point, you’ll have to pay off the balance in full. Read the letter that you received to be sure the terms are the same.

    Comment by admin — Dec 1st 2008 @ 8:24 am
  4. I got thsi exact letter. I called customer servcie. If you opt out, you keep yoru current terms and your account will be closed as of the expiration date on your card. You then repay the balance under your current terms. You are not expecetd to pay it off in full, you will still get a monthly bill until it’s paid off.

    Comment by Viv — Dec 1st 2008 @ 5:02 pm
  5. Viv: Good catch. It appears you don’t have to pay it off in full, but rather pay it off under the existing terms, though your account will otherwise be closed down.

    Comment by admin — Dec 1st 2008 @ 5:04 pm
  6. I just got this letter from Citibank. It says that my rate will never go below 19.99%. Here are the facts: I have been w/ Citibank for 15 years, have a $0 balance and a 725+ credit score.

    At first, I was like “did my credit score go down? or miss a payment?”

    19.99% is the best they can do? I don’t carry balances on my credit cards and this creates even more incentive not to, but I think it’s ridiculous and Citibank should be accountable.

    Comment by Nick_S — Dec 1st 2008 @ 6:11 pm
  7. I just got my notice to opt out today. Called and opted out. Sorry Citi, YOU forced my hand. Now I am locked for 18 months at prime + 3.74%, better than not opting out. This just shows that a credit score of almost 800, and being with them for 10 loyal years, will not keep you safe.

    Comment by RJ — Dec 1st 2008 @ 7:32 pm
  8. Thanks everyone! I’ll call again to confirm, but I agree, it seems I can opt out and keep paying it in payments. I’ve had this card since I was 17, so 19 years… I guess it might ding my credit a little to close it, but I really don’t care, I’d rather not be stuck with higher interest. and I have other credit cards… I’m paying down my highest interest card right now, and want to continue to do so, then work on this card. I wonder how many people will cancel their cards now.

    Comment by Erika — Dec 1st 2008 @ 9:55 pm
  9. I just got the same one, going to call tomorrow and opt out…he….Citi is not doing well as far as I know, but after this they will be doing even worse…hopefully….they deserve it.!!!

    Comment by Alex — Dec 2nd 2008 @ 1:21 am
  10. So if I have balances on my Citi card which I transferred in the past at special low rates (2.9%, 3.9%) which were specifically “until the balance was paid in full”, Citi’s new purchase APRs won’t affect me, right? It’s only purchases, defaults, etc.?

    Comment by Mooseboy — Dec 2nd 2008 @ 12:18 pm
  11. I just got the letter and called customer service as well. I also was told that the new APR will only affect new purchases and not your current balance. But they also told me that MY rate is increasing to 14.99% (from 6.74%) So read the letter carefully and call if you have ANY questions. I haven’t decided if I will opt out yet or not.

    Comment by Karmazoic — Dec 2nd 2008 @ 12:42 pm
  12. Got the letter today also – JUST OPTED OUT

    They wanted to move me from 8% to 14.99 – Wow!

    My profile – I spent 220k on this card in the past 12 months., and another 80k on another citi card…and paid both perfectly.

    These people are idiots. They are running off the good payers and keeping the slugs!

    Comment by marc — Dec 2nd 2008 @ 2:24 pm
  13. I closed my citi account yesterday. I didn’t plan to opt out, just realized that after 10 years, I keep running up my bills and then struggling furiously to pay it off – with no money left over to tackle student loans. But the guy said he’d give me a 2.49% interest rate if I stayed! I refused since the interest rate won’t help me until I learn how to use credit wisely but wow, I never knew they could offer such a great deal…

    Comment by sgreen — Dec 2nd 2008 @ 3:20 pm
  14. I just got my letter last night and was wondering why. I have been a member for 26 years and carry a $0.00 balance.

    There’s something wrong with the laws governing credit cards when your rates can change at the whim of the credit card companies – for no good reason. I plan to start lobbying my representatives in Congress for reform in this area.

    Comment by Deborah Burgstrum — Dec 2nd 2008 @ 5:14 pm
  15. since people can’t seem to self-regulate, i guess we have to be forced to do so. i’m alright with that. god forbid, the credit card company didn’t force us to keeping charging and keep balances. of course they made it attractive with low rates and promos, but we didn’t have to do so.

    @marc: not true. my wife and I are not slugs. we both each have citi cards and our rates were lowered this past month (both our rates with citi are still under 10%) and our credit lines with citi increased (well, my wife’s not mine since i don’t have a limit). the reduction in limits and increased in interest rates are definitely not universal. we don’t carry balances, paying off in full every billing cycle.

    Comment by Tim — Dec 2nd 2008 @ 6:58 pm
  16. Don’t opt out people. Some of you have long-standing credit and risk eliminating that. I got the same letter….7% to 25%. I was furious. So I called my other CC (Capitol One) and got a 0% balance transfer for 6 mos which I intend on paying off in 5. Citibank has now generated business for a competing bank and will still have to maintain my account with it’s zero balance. Yes it costs banks to keep accounts open. So all of you with good credit and current Citi balances, stick it to them. Pay off now or if you cannot get a balance transfer elsewhere. Don’t let Citi eliminate your long standing credit. Instead make them pay and keep a zero balance. For giggles charge McDonald’s once in awhile and laugh at the thought of them scrambling to maintain your account for a mere $6 extra value meal. So now Citi has completely lost any money from me because I transferred my balance. No interest from me, nothing.

    Comment by Cher — Dec 2nd 2008 @ 11:11 pm
  17. @Cher, your premise of sticking it to Citi is false, since Citi can and will close your acct if you don’t use it, no matter how good of standing or credit you have. i wouldn’t get too excited, because capitol one will inevitably follow suit, too.

    i find it funny how people are so furious at the credit card companies for reducing their credit limits. if you carry a balance, then you only have yourself to blame, no matter how good you are at paying every month. people should be happy, because we obviously need someone to protect us from ourselves.

    Comment by Tim — Dec 3rd 2008 @ 5:17 pm
  18. I JUST got mine in the mail, too! Since they could not disclose too much about the true reason for this other than “market conditions” they did refer me to a website for answers..This website is http://www.federalreserve.gov and that sent me to the roof. That lead me to believe one of two things could be happening.

    Citi could be looking for a quick way to buying back their shares to minimize federal interference in their company operations and passing that cost to the customer. Which is an act of Thievery since we, the taxpayers are virtual shareholders of this company and helping them pay this down in this fashion will circumvent any revenue gains from this controversial decision.


    This will increase the government gains until the shares are bought back, BUT the profits or gains probably won’t make it’s way back into our pockets, quite the contrary we have been indirectly charged twice for the transaction.

    Comment by phr3akinr1can — Dec 3rd 2008 @ 7:46 pm
  19. Tim,
    I’m not so sure the angst is concentrated towards the limit being lowered as much as it is the APR hike, which I see as a penalty for being a credit conscious citizen since those who defaulted AND those who gave out credit cards and credit accounts to those who they had no business dolling them out to get off scott free. Yes, there is the slight convenience to report to the US gov as a main stakeholder, don’t discount the fact that our money was used to get them in this situation and out of the previous one. As I said above, we, the taxpayer and consumer pay twice. Now that’s nice, huh?!

    Comment by phr3akinr1can — Dec 3rd 2008 @ 8:09 pm
  20. correction: “Yes, there is the slight inconvenience to report to the US gov as a main stakeholder, don’t discount the fact that our money was used to get them in this situation and out of the previous one.”

    Comment by phr3akinr1can — Dec 3rd 2008 @ 8:10 pm
  21. Time for a class action suit. Whether or not you carry balances, paid on time, it is placing consumers under duress to abide by credit terms not being justified. I called Citi-bank and was told my rate was being raised from 10.99 to 24.99. The reason – it was due to what Citi was going to have to pay back to the government. So, getting bailed out by our tax dollars, we are now having to pay back OUR loan to Citi by higher interest rates?
    I guess the bailout of the automakers doesnt look so bad now.

    Comment by Les — Dec 3rd 2008 @ 9:00 pm
  22. Like Les, my rate went similarly from 9.99 to 24.99. While I do agree that what Citibank has done is hideous, they are within their right. I mean, would you fault a loanshark for wanting his money? How about the relative that lectures you every time you call for help? You cannot sue. You cannot stalk them but you can whine and you can get creative.

    Personally I think it’s time to stop playing the credit game. While I have very good credit, the market downturn and my startup business have been struggling alike. If I didn’t have the debt, I would be riding this wave easily but I’m not debt-free so my initial reaction was anger. I then created a buffer for myself and went on a shopping spree at 9.99% by paying my property taxes, auto insurance, medical/dental premiums, and dog food for the next 5 months in advance. Tonight I opted out and said goodbye to my 20 year old Citibank card and I feel great!

    Do yourselves a favor and if you don’t need the credit, don’t play the game. Tell the bastards off and move on with your debt-free life. It’s far more productive!

    Good luck!

    Comment by KreditNoMo — Dec 3rd 2008 @ 9:16 pm
  23. I just have to say waaaaaaaa. you have a choice not to use credit cards. credit cards aren’t a right. get over it. if you don’t like the terms, get rid of the cards. this is the problem with americans, we are a bunch of whiners with no personal responsibility. i don’t care if you paid your credit card on time, you still carried balances on the cards. stop blaming the credit card companies for your bad spending choices and get your financial life under control. seriously. i wish i could start a class action lawsuit against all the idiots who signed for arm’s, no interest, nothing down, mortgages, and those people who carry credit card balances for longer than a year, because you all are a drain on my pocket book.

    @phr3akinr1can: they aren’t getting of scott free, they owe the govt 10% guaranteed. here’s an idea: consumers stop overspending, then we won’t have to pay twice, three times, 4 times, for the plastic nativity scene you bought 4 years ago on your charge card. seriously, if you don’t like the rate hikes, then close the account and get on with your life. people obviously could not regulate themselves into self control, so we need creditors to give us tough love so we wake up and get out of debt. credit card rates and fees, etc., have been major news for a long time. we all knew about them, but we continued to swipe away and rack up the debt and blame the bastard credit card industry. people need to get over it. instead of wasting time and energy on decrying the credit card industry, focus it on paying off your bills and living within your means. it’s pretty simple. but with all the whining, i guess we just want to blame everyone else in the world.

    Comment by Tim — Dec 4th 2008 @ 5:28 am
  24. like i said, we have citi credit cards too. our rates aren’t being hiked up, they have been lowered. our limits aren’t being cut, they were increased.

    @Deborah Burgstrum: if you don’t carry a balance, then it doesn’t matter what the rate is. if your rate increased, there are other factors you aren’t telling us influencing the increase.

    Comment by Tim — Dec 4th 2008 @ 5:34 am
  25. Honestly, I have to say that I agree with Tim on this one. Buried in all that legalese in your cardmember agreement are statements that give the card issuers to change rates, institute fees, etc. Cardholders also have rights — you are free to opt out and sever your relationship. Yes, it’s frustrating, and yes, it sucks. But it is what it is.

    As for the argument that Citi is doing this so they can pay the government back for the bailout, that’s not actually true. The NY Times reported that these increases were coming well before the Citi bailout ever happenee. Citi is doing this simply so they can stay afloat. They lent an awful lot of money to people that aren’t paying it back (both in the mortgage industry and in the credit industry) so what you see now is actually the good customers paying for the bad ones.

    Comment by admin — Dec 4th 2008 @ 9:08 am
  26. @Tim, “they aren’t getting of scott free”. The are, compared to what they are doing to their customer base by hiking the interest rates to absurd levels, they are passing the cost to the customer. Instead of showing gratitude for our money being used to help them through this time AND our patronage they are making the ones that actually have been paying pay for their predicament.
    It was in the banks error as well as the defaulters’ error not Citi’s paying customers or the taxpayers.

    As far as your waa-meter goes you bring up some very good points about living within your means, but you don’t know any of us or our situations and have a rude articulation that implies that everyone is the same in their buying habits that have a balance. Some also have legitimate emergencies they needed to address by using their card because they do not have anyone to turn to for their medical bills because they are forced to work as contractors due to job market conditions which no insurance is available to them, (my example) but make too much money for public assistance. I agree there is a credit disease out there and people need to change their financial philosophies, but look at the example those in charge of this society give those you are referring to. Retailers all over have been liquidating over the recent years and they go into bankruptcy, and some of the same business owners are allowed to open up business of the same type under a different name and run that company into the ground as well going into debt, contributing the the job market problems and to the depletion of our federal reserve. This is accepted or at least financially supported behavior. If you listen carefully those that raise your waa-meter these are folks with the intention of making good on their debt and AREN’T the problem, but merely what keeps these banks in business because they DO pay their bills. So the banks COUNT on the overspending of their customers for profit.

    Yes, like most here, I will also be opting out and handling my balance partially by paying off what I can and transferring the rest to a credit union. I think what everyone is expressing here is a conflict on their business practices and who knows if the feds are the ones who are motivating them to make this change. Because the operators all tell us that they are not able to disclose anything further.

    Another thing for your waa-meter, @Tim, the citizens did not vote for this bail out, the politicians did and this is something that has a gross effect on everyone, BUT we have the right to tell someone who is not like us whether or not they can get married. umm..seems bass ackwards to me, son.

    Comment by phr3akinr1can — Dec 4th 2008 @ 12:02 pm
  27. @phr3akinr1can: I’m sorry, but I just have to say Waaaaaaah again. the govt getting guaranteed 10% and first in line for any liquidation of assets is a win deal for the taxpayer. the govt would spend the money on something else and get no return and have to pay interest payments, so yes, citi did not get off scott free one bit.

    sorry, credit cards are not for emergencies. i hate the fact somewhere in the past, people got this ill-fated notion that credit cards are for emergencies (in addition to credit card line of credit is the amount of money i have to spend mentality).

    the model of counting on people to pay their bills and higher rates was a bad one when you are allowing high risk people to do so. the credit market was absolutely bad on this and congress by making it tougher to file bankruptcy to consumers in support of the industry is at fault. i agree; however, the credit industry has woken up now, which is a good thing. these cuts in credit lines and increased fees and rates are justified in my mind. cutting credit lines, especially in higher risk individuals makes sense, it provides creditors more stability than they previously had. if you give someone $30k in credit line, that is $30k you are going to write down if the person taps the entire amt and decides to default on it. people were complaining that the whole reason we got into this mess is because of too free access to credit. now that creditors are clamping down, we are crying foul. you cannot have it both ways.

    there’s an easy solution. people can opt out and pay down their credit or continue to pay higher rates and fees. seems like an easy choice to me. of course if you haven’t changed your fiscal behavior and mentality of course you are going to be blaming the credit industry for taking away your credit line or purchase power.

    my god, are we really having this discussion where people are being forced to pay off their debt and people are complaining about it?

    like i said, not everyone is being squeezed. there are plenty of people, like my wife and i, that none of this affects. if you pay off your bill every month, then none of this affects you. that to me suggests that those the credit industry called “dead beats”aren’t so anymore.

    Comment by Tim — Dec 4th 2008 @ 7:17 pm
  28. @phr3akinr1can: re: marriage: the people of california voted for prop 8.

    Comment by Tim — Dec 4th 2008 @ 7:18 pm
  29. @Tim: re: marriage: the people of california voted for prop 8.

    You missed my point about this entirely.

    Comment by phr3akinr1can — Dec 4th 2008 @ 7:53 pm
  30. @phr3akinr1can: nope, I understood you. right to marry has nothing to do with bailouts. and if you are talking about right to marriage, then you will note that prop 8 was a voter’s decision and not a govt one. aside from that, yes, congress voted for the bailout, but that is how our govt works: we vote them in, they vote for stuff for society. there’s no line item veto for the “voter”just like there is no line item veto for the president.

    Comment by Tim — Dec 4th 2008 @ 9:43 pm
  31. I just wanted to clarify a few things. I actually work for Citi and you guys can hate me all you want, Im just a messanger. Even though Cit received the big bail out, it actually all went to the mortgage side. So everyone who seems to think we’re raising interest rates even though we got it, youre wrong. We’re doing the change in terms because of the economy obviously. The costs we spend to borrow money to lend to YOU have gone up, so we have to make up for that cost by changing other things.

    Comment by Nicole — Dec 5th 2008 @ 8:54 pm
  32. @Nicole: that is simply hogwash. money is near 0% for banks to borrow, only now it is being borrowed from the govt rather than from other banks. second, citi is a corporation, which means all operating assets’ money, no matter which division they come from or go to, go into and from the total citi cash pot. it’s like saying i only pay taxes for the govt to spend on social welfare, when in reality it doesn’t matter, because the govt uses the money for defense, social welfare, etc., etc. the money may have gone to the mortgage side, but that freed up money that citi would have had to transfer from other operating divisions. it could easily have gone to the bank side and then the bank side transfer equal amount to mortgage side. it doesn’t matter once you add and subtract all of citi’s monies. citi is cutting lines of credits, because they are lowering their debt to revenue and increasing capitalization ratios. eliminating allocated credit lines is one way to do this. increasing rates is meant to increase profit margins and to readjust risk, which creditors have been lacking for the past decade.

    Comment by Tim — Dec 6th 2008 @ 5:01 pm
  33. Some very good insights, but it still seems very “knee jerk” on Citibank’s part. It’s like companies that lost money on services b/c it’s the end of the quarter. Sooner or later, it will catch up to you. Ask Dell.

    I just think it’s crazy to alienate good to very good customers. Typically, when stuff like this happens, they don’t lose the bad customers. They lose the good ones. People with 700+ credit scores, typically, do not file bankruptcy. So what’s their risk there? None.

    The Citibank was my “go-to” card, now I’m moving everything over to Capital One.

    I think Citibank is cutting their nose to spite their face. This is a huge PR hit for them.

    Comment by Nick_S — Dec 8th 2008 @ 10:49 am
  34. @Nick_S, citi was only following what others like bank of america and amex started to do 6 months ago, so i wouldn’t consider knee jerk reaction. moreover, it isn’t happening to everyone. my wife and i have seen the exact opposite with our citi accounts. i’m not trying to sell citi on anyone, but people should understand that it isn’t citi specific; however, citi does need to shore up it’s capitlization. when you have so much available credit out there, and you are the largest credit card issuer, and you are trying to increase capitalization, one way to do that is to eliminate all that outstanding debt (which is all the available credit).

    just like citi followed BofA and Amex leads, i foresee most every other credit card issuer doing the same if the credit freeze continues.

    Comment by Tim — Dec 9th 2008 @ 4:32 pm
  35. like everybody else i am so mad about this happening. always paid on time perfect history with citi. 6.74 to 14.99. no way!! when speaking with supervisor,after customer service,she was pretty much firm with it all. offered 12.99 and nothing else. she didnt really care that i was opting out.then again i was probaly the 1000 person calling to complain about this.time to go old school. CASH ONLY!

    Comment by williep — Dec 10th 2008 @ 9:24 am
  36. it’s funny how before the credit freeze, people who paid their credit cards in full each month were called deadbeats. the tables have oh so turned.

    Comment by Tim — Dec 10th 2008 @ 6:00 pm
  37. I am sure that Citi is with in its limits to raise intrest rates. But still the fact that they are forcing peoples hands at a time like this is terrible. This will only force more people into credit card default. We are in the middle of lending these institutions tax payer funds to save their hides and this how they behave. This is why Americans feel so betrayed by the banks and big goverment for permitting it. its almost like financial institutions have become the BIG BAD WOLF!!! We of course see ourselves as the Three Little Pigs. Every one should default on there accounts to screw them over. I dont have a balance with them but they deserve it.

    Comment by Jose Ortiz — Dec 17th 2008 @ 4:23 pm
  38. I just checked my last two bills.

    My Nov. 17 statement shows 12.543% Annual Rate for standard purchases.
    The Dec. 15 statement shows 36.000%!!!

    An increase is one thing; an almost THREE HUNDRED PERCENT increase…. I’m not sure what the word for that is.

    As far as I know, I have never been late paying at least a minimum amount every month (it’s on auto-pay, and there’s a buffer amount in my checking account).

    The really surprising thing is that the % on cash advances didn’t change. Stayed at 19.90%.

    So I’m wondering if the 36% on purchases might just be an error. I sent an inquiry to customer service to find out.

    One more thing: I live in Japan, but I find it hard to believe that they would extra-jack customers who just happen to be living overseas. Would they?

    Comment by Doug Allsopp — Dec 18th 2008 @ 3:17 am
  39. Today I made the decision to opt-out, then an hour later called back to opt back in. I know I must sound crazy, but hear me out. This was my very first credit card and have built excellent credit history around it. After I had read all of the angry posts about the rate hikes, I made like a lemming and opted out too. I sat for an hour debating my decision and decided to call back and recant. Too much of my credit standing rides on this card and I can’t afford to close it. I will admit when I called back I felt like a complete fool, but when I told the CS rep what I was doing, she actually offered to LOWER my interest rate below what my current rate is. Naturally, I took it. I know, my situation is different than some of yours but it might not hurt for some of you that opted-out to call back in and negotiate. In the end, they do want and NEED your business. There isn’t anything to say that they won’t eventually lower the rate back down in the future. That’s my two cents with a 12.54% APR.

    Comment by Rachel — Dec 18th 2008 @ 4:05 pm
  40. Everyone who is speculating why Citi is doing this are wrong. They are doing it because they have been anticipating the new bill passing congress which will prohibit them from increasing rates and terms on your credit cards arbitrarily. They want to take advantage while they can.

    Comment by Sandra — Dec 20th 2008 @ 12:03 pm
  41. I received my citi statement and also realized my rate increase to 19.0%!!! Called them and asked why, she said because they are having financial problems, not my problem! I definitely opted out! This economy will turn around for the better, eventually! But, I will never do business with Citibank again! I’m glad its going to be closed!!!

    Comment by Felecia — Jan 11th 2009 @ 3:54 pm
  42. I am so glad to hear I am not the only one here. But I am also outraged about Citi – I understand all the preaching about carrying a balance and spending habits within one’s means, but this is outrageous!!! hikes from 7-24%???? in the state of the economy it is just irresponsible on thier behalf because they are only making it harder for people who do carry a balance to pay off and in actuality increasing the risk of them defaulting. I’ve had this card since 2004 and have always had to fight with them to keep my APR intact. They made a billing error in the past and I had to get my credit report and dispute it successfully. I’ve used it and paid it off in full, I’v carried a balance from time to time, but I’ve always paid it on time and more than the minimum payment and for what? for them to simply say I don’t care that you’ve made us money, I don’t care that you pay your credit card on time – and I don’t care if a 300% increase on the interest rate is going to impact your ability to pay.

    It’s not about the people who are responsible and pay their bills on time. Nobody can judge another for using credit. Because without credit you are also considered a risk. Not everyone has high salaries to pay off their 30k credit cards in full. But they have the means to maintain their payments and supposedly build a good credit history. It should be about those who abuse the system get the credit cards then they default without a care in the world.

    I opted out, paid it off and cancelled it. I then started regreting closing it because I’ve had them since 2004, but then realized they would close it themselves either way if I opt out or if I don’t use it at all. I rather it be me the one to close it.

    For the person who got a credit increase and a lower APR I sure hope that you don’t get a letter one day saying that they are hiking up your APR, because you’ll have to gett off your high horse then.

    Comment by Monica — Jan 12th 2009 @ 6:12 pm
  43. I got that letter back in November. Since the opt-out deadline was the end of January, and that’s when my card expired, I decided to wait until I got my new card.

    After getting my fresh card with fresh expiration date, I called today to try and negotiate to keep my 7.99 rate, which was going to double. At least, I was expecting a negotiation. All I got was the equivalent of an “ok bye bye.” I even asked to stay a customer, but she didn’t budge. So in two years (when my card expires), unless they’re more reasonable then, they’ll be losing yet another customer with excellent credit who has never missed a payment.

    The customer service rep did tell me that this rate increase was “across the board” – she said everybody’s rate will increase on a rolling schedule. My credit limit has been raised and raised over the last couple years – that’s not a sign that the rate increase isn’t coming for you too.

    Comment by Cathy — Jan 14th 2009 @ 1:02 am
  44. After 16 years with Citibank they changed my rate from 12% to 19.990% – I have never been late – I have had balances up to 15k on my card and they have made alot off me – I currently have it paid off (thank god) and only use it and pay it off every month. I wrote them about this and below is what I was told. So they get bailout money – our tax money and then do this to the good paying customers. I hope they lose there ass!

    Customer Service Wrote:
    I understand you may feel frustrated by this change. We certainly do value you as a customer.
    A reexamination of our policies was needed given the severe changes in the financial markets. Our costs in borrowing the money we use to lend have gone up significantly. In addition we are seeing dramatically higher loan losses and delinquencies for many of our customers. We must manage to the dramatic changes we are seeing by changing some of our rates and fees in order to continue to provide you with products, benefits and services we have today. Though these changes are being proposed on your account, you still maintain the right to Opt-Out of them. By doing so you can continue to use your card at the current terms and rate until the expiration date of the current card. At which point the account will close and you can pay down your balance at the same terms/rate.
    Thank you for using our website.

    Comment by Chad — Jan 15th 2009 @ 11:33 pm
  45. After reading all this and posting I emailed my local news channel about it and also sent them the link for this site – everyone should do the same thing – They are going to do a story about it.
    Power to the people!!!

    Comment by Chad — Jan 16th 2009 @ 8:36 pm
  46. I just got off the phone with Citi. I tried to get them to explain it to me as far as justification. I quickly burned through the reps script and went to the supervisor.

    The supervisor was able to explain the position a little bit better but really we both knew it was ridiculous. Citi is trying to say that it is more expensive now to borrow money to support the credit division. In reality, credit worthy customer are at a premium. The cost of new lending is more $$$ for lesser credit worthy folks. Institutional lending is at an all time low as far as cost. Further, the Sup tried to tell me that people actually accepted the terms because they just clear the balance every month. I gave a verbal roll of the eyes for that tactic.. there are much better cards out there for that kind of activity. Citi did not get in trouble while catering to low balance folks. It is really about Citi bank going down in financial flames as their stock hits basement.

    In the end, this is a ploy to trick the customer base into funding a revenue spike for the next few months…with the hope that a few miss the opt out clause. It is smiley and crooked.

    Bottom line: Opt out of the new conditions and wait for your card to expire. There is a good chance that they will come back to you with a much better “terms of service agreement”. If not, then Citi bank is out of the card business while credit worthy folks will find new and more stable benefactors.

    OOps.. one more thing. You can stay accept the terms and then the rep might reduce the rate. Please read the terms! In my case, the “reduced rate” was 15%.. a full 6 percent higher than the original rate. I opted out.. and will wait for their new offer down the line.

    GL all.

    Comment by Erik — Jan 21st 2009 @ 12:14 am
  47. Nicole I want to start by saying I feel your Pain, I work work Citi as well. Tim, please find me one bank that can borrow money at 0% so that then in turn can lend to you at 0%. You can’t do it! It cost’s money to lend to customers. So before you start running your mouth, get your facts straight ok? People it is not that hard to undertand. Read the letter, either you accept, or your don’t you have the option. Don’t get me wrong I know that it sucks and I hear it every single day, but that’s life right now. You can thank all the people that spend beyond their means and then decide they can’t afford it.

    For anyone that say’s that they have never been late, I find that hard to believe unless you have the account set up on autopay. I will bet anything that I went through your account for the past 5 years, I would find a late fee, and then a credit for the late fee, because “it wasn’t your fault” right?

    Comment by kelly — Jan 22nd 2009 @ 6:43 am
  48. Erik- I work for Citibank and I have a question. You told people to and I quote “Opt out of the new conditions and wait for your card to expire. There is a good chance that they will come back to you with a much better “terms of service agreement”. If not, then Citi bank is out of the card business while credit worthy folks will find new and more stable benefactors.”
    Just a question. since you decided to opt out and let the card expire, what makes you think that you might get a lower rate, if the account is closed? When it’s closed, it’s closed. Thank you for proving my point that people don’t pay attention!

    Comment by kelly — Jan 22nd 2009 @ 7:02 am
  49. Kelly –

    Opting out does not mean the account is closed. It has to go through whatever term it has left then it is closed. In my case another year. You can use the card all you want until expiration. In that time Citi bank might offer you terms or not. Citi bank will have to 1) increase customers after the purge 3) You opt in and ask for a lower rate 2) None of the above. If Citi bank can recover then their is a chance new terms will be sent.. oh hell or you can get another Citi bank card. It is does not matter either way.

    I am not sure I understood your “understanding what you read” comment.

    Comment by Erik — Jan 22nd 2009 @ 12:49 pm
  50. She said that people don’t pay attention – but she missed the point unfortunately.
    I can understand banks are in the money making business, but raising rates at 300 in some cases? As if people are defaulting? You tell me what is the point of paying on time, and keeping your business with Citi if they will disregard you and care less what you have tried to build over the years? No one is expecting 0% for ever – just some kind of reasonable mutually beneficial relationship!

    Kelly your comment about not believing people have been late is so Insensitive. The whole tone of your e-mail is condesending. That is the attitude to have to keep business – way to go!

    Credit cards change due dates based on billing periods – it used to be that you had a due date and that’s what it was, now you have to be careful and look at the due date each month because it changes from one month to another. It almost seems like they want to trap or catch people off guard and rack up late charges and increase APRs. I tried very hard to keep up and make sure my APR remained low- but it was exhausting.

    I am relieved that I don’t have to worry about any of that any more as I have closed my 4year old account and moved on without Citi. I know not everyone wants to get rid of their credit cards or can do it, but trust me in the long run it is liberating!

    Comment by Monica — Jan 22nd 2009 @ 2:29 pm
  51. Kelly – I would start looking ofr a new job if I worked at Citibank – Do you really think the people that have been with them for years are going to use there citicard and carry a balance? So you will be left with the deadbeats that will at some point go bankrupt. I do not carry a balance so this will not bother me but the people that have depended on there card and are carrying a balance and now there payment will be 3 times what it was is who I feel sorry for. By opting out it Will afrect your credit score if it is one of your oldest cards like in my case. I hope everyone with a balance can find a card/company that will give them a good rate and transfer there balance. Citibank is just trying to make there loss look better at our cost and after they got bailout money – our tax money SHAME ON YOU CITIBANK ! I just got a Washington Mutual card two weeks ago 0% for one year on everything – my credit score is around 655 so there are cards out there to help. For everyone with a balance dont give up hope and opt out – you still have time check ith your state on opt out laws – aka I never got change of terms – opt out letter in my Nov statement and per Wisconsin I could still opt out – but I wont I will just use there money for 30 days and pay it off.
    BTW Kelly instead of spreading your lies here go back to work it is the least you could do for our 19.990 % !!!

    Comment by Chad — Jan 22nd 2009 @ 2:41 pm
  52. you guys are truly entertaining. everyone who i listen to all day saying citi is goin to crash and burn, just know im secretly laughingat you. all of you fail to realize that iti is comprised of more then the 35 measley cards we offer…. dont forget the 50+ retailers who carry cards thru us, some of which u just might be carrying in your wallet. and the its a business, you dont like our terms and conditions go elsewhere. and for those of you who think goin to another creditor cause they have a 0% is gonna last forever, youre crazy….by the way, those of u with chase cards, watch ur minimum pymnt cause every single one of my cardmembers who have chase say its changed… theyre jumpin on the damn bandwagon!

    Comment by nicole — Jan 22nd 2009 @ 3:39 pm
  53. Nichole -

    You fail to realize that Citi Bank is indeed in big trouble. The cards are just one aspect of their failing business. I can understand why you would be biased. We all want to keep our jobs. I will say no one person is responsible for the troubles a lot of us are facing.

    The terms ARE crazy and it is an attempt to flush the business or get a revenue spike. You are correct that other less healthy card companies will be doing the same. They understand that more healthy companies will take up the business and risk. Nobody thinks that the 0% will last forever but the fact is that they are out there and people should take advantage if they can.

    Though your tone was pretty crappy you did give good advice. Everyone should check their statement every month. Card companies change the APR on a regular basis. You can always call and see if you can get it back down which usually works out fine. I would like to point out that this practice by card companies is being reviewed by the congress.

    I am sorta amazed at the so called “citi bank” employees on this blog. The tone and attitude is a little crazy but I guess I can understand… there is turmoil. Human qualities at our best usually don’t show during bad times… I guess we call them bad people. Not to mention grammar… eeek.

    Comment by Erik — Jan 22nd 2009 @ 3:54 pm
  54. Jumping on the bandwagon LOL you mean the sinking ship…And Nicole your not laughing secretly you just told everyone. I will agree that Citibank has other cards and I do not think that this matter in it’s self will bring them down but adding in all there bad mortgage loans will. I beleive that in tough times facing the united States that highering everyones interest rate will not get people spending again – so they are not helping to fix the problem. I am sure that some other company will buy them out and it will be one less company owned in the US – China maybe???

    Comment by Chad — Jan 22nd 2009 @ 4:01 pm
  55. Me again…

    I just got my first post-increase statement today. My interest rate went from 6.74 to 14.9% and my minimum payment went from $54.00 to $84.00 on a $3000 balance. I hadn’t decided whether I was going to opt out or just bite the bullet. I have now. I called today and opted out. $84.00 on a $3000 balance is ridiculous. A $30 per month increase on a minimum?? Bye bye, citi. Who can afford that now?

    And just a comment to Erik – well said. The grammar explains it all. Those are the people that citi hires. Uneducated and unprofessional people that they don’t have to pay much. What they dont realize is, they’re probably getting screwed or WILL GET SCREWED by their wonderful employer as well. When everyone opts out (because we aren’t STUPID) and citi doesn’t make the extra money they “need” (above the bailout that they already received from the govt), who do you think will make up for that?? Well, their employees, of course! Layoffs, terminations, benefit cuts…get ready girls! I’d start sending out resumes if I were you…but use the spell checker when you write it or no one will ever hire you.

    And to hell with all you people that look down on people for carrying a balance. That’s what credit cards are here for. I am a college student, work full time and own my own home. Credit cards unfortunately aren’t an option, they’re more of a necessity. And I pay my bills on time, every month. I have NEVER been late on anything. I have a 755 credit rating and citi is going to treat me like this for being an excellent customer? I dont think so. Especially not after my tax dollars already bailed them out once. I refuse to do it a second time.

    Comment by Karmazoic — Jan 22nd 2009 @ 8:18 pm
  56. You people realy do waste my time. So here is my final reply before I un-subscribe to replies. First off, you can not even spell my name right when its right there. Disturbing. Secondly, as far as grammar goes, I have better things to do then accomodate you with my grammar. I got my point out and that was my intention. Uneducated and unprofessional!? Ha! Im graduating this spring with a Masters thank you very much. I work TWO, yes TWO full time jobs and have paid for the last six years of college on my own, and own my own condo. So please, do not go there with me. Not that it matters because you are of no value to me and I would never befriend someone like yourself with that horrible horrible attitude. Third, thank-you to these few people who at least read your mail. You save me the trouble of explaining the whole letter. Now maybe I was a bit harsh, I do apologize. However, my thing is you guys fail to realize were trying to do what we need to do to accomodate changes in the economy. I dont think Citi would do a change that would create a catastrophic loss. For example, of the people I talk to, maybe 2 out 5 people opt out. The rest dont want accounts to close, so they simply stop using it. I guess you members do not see it from my point of view(as an employee). Not that any of this matters because I go to sleep just fine at night knowing in the back of my head one of you will call and complain and I wll have the sweet pleasure of telling you no. So farewell…and good luck :)

    Comment by nicole — Jan 22nd 2009 @ 8:42 pm
  57. Nicole -

    I am glad this is your last post. You have provided nothing of any value or use. You are what we call a troll. I hardly believe in anything you say due to your negative ,unfeeling, and yes unprofessional attitude. You can’t be real.

    This is also my last post.

    Credit is something that has supported our economy for a very long time. This is not just the private sector. Credit is an issue across the entire global financial system. With that said, credit is a commodity..it can be bought and sold. Keep that in mind. Everyone should strive to manage their finance within their means. Life can and will throw you for a loop and there is no shame in that. Citi is not a person, it is a unfeeling business that will make choices without your best interests in mind. That is up to you and the people you hold close in your life.

    Gl everyone! Economic turn down runs in cycles and I estimate another 6 mos before the economy gains modest growth. (sorry house owners…some areas it will be another 2 years) I also wish the employees at Citi good luck as well. It will be needed.

    Comment by Erik — Jan 22nd 2009 @ 9:01 pm
  58. Nicole

    Masters degrees from online schools do not count!

    And howw many wheels are there on your condo!

    WoW two full time jobs and you find time to go to school and talk to us.


    After your last post I do beleive you work for Citibank…

    Comment by Chad — Jan 23rd 2009 @ 12:16 am

    Today I received my second notice from CITI. First it was a card that had been open for years with a perfect history. Now my business card (Citi Business Platinum) will go the way of my personal card

    My rate has gone from 7.9% to 14.99

    This card has had over 250k charged to it in 2008.

    All paid in full every month!

    Never an issue.

    I will miss the “Perks” that went with it…but oh well, its all gone now.

    As a long term customer & shareholder – This make me sick. CITI stinks. Plain and simple. I have perfect credit & a significant net-worth. These guys are idiots.

    Thank God for Amex!

    Take care,


    Comment by marc — Jan 23rd 2009 @ 9:29 am
  60. I just want to say thank you to everyone! Thank you for proving my point that people have nothing else better to do, than B**** and complain. You people are ridiculous. And Tim, give me a break. 36% you can’t be that stupid. 36% is not what your being charged. The 36% however is the highest rate of interest that you can be charged if your account goes into default, including late fee’s, finance charges, and over the credit line fee’s. You have a lot of nerve. To the everyone that is crying about Citi not doing anything for you by giving you a lower rate, think about this: If your such a good customer like you think you are, and your credit score is 700+, why isn’t citi offering you anything lower? Did you think about that? I mean if your “that good” why would we keep you? Truth is, your not! Sorry it had to be said. If you pay your account off in full each month, we still make money off of you, so that doesn’t even matter. If you don’t like it leave, that’s all there is to it. Feel free to go to another company, but keep this in mind, the promo rate that you think is good, what is the rate going to be when that expires? What happens if your late just once, while your on that promo rate? Hello default!!!!!!

    For all the capitol one lovers at there this is from their website:
    Special transfer APR: A variable rate, currently equal to 18.05% (0.04945% daily periodic rate). ♦
    Balance transfer APR: A variable rate, currently equal to 18.05% (0.04945% daily periodic rate). ♦
    Cash advance APR: A variable rate, currently equal to 21.15% (0.05795% daily periodic rate).
    Default APR: A variable rate, currently equal to 23.15% (0.06342% daily periodic rate).
    ( and this is for people according to capitol one that have good to average credit)

    Well look at that, their rate is higher that the change in terms rate. And the 0% is just for balance transfers. What happens if you make purchases with the card with the balance transfer on there? Well if you do that…. Screw you figure it out for yourself, I hope you all learn a lesson.

    Comment by kelly — Jan 23rd 2009 @ 11:29 pm
  61. BLAH BLAH BLAH……………………………

    Comment by Chad — Jan 24th 2009 @ 1:11 am
  62. Wow – I’m surprised that people “don’t care” because they pay off their account every month. I have never given Citi one dime in interest, yet I opted out of their ridiculous attempt to charge me 19.99% interest. Do any of you realize that interest rates are at their lowest point in history? There used to be something called usury laws that regulated how much interest could be charged. It’s time to bring them back.

    If everyone opted out of this “offer” they would have to change their business practices. How much money did they get in the taxpayer bailout??? This is how they thank the taxpayers?

    Personally, I’d like to see them go bankrupt. The reason that we are in this mess is that folks don’t pay any attention to the screwing over that they are getting from the financial institutions.

    Pay Attention people! You don’t have to take it.

    OPT OUT!!!!!

    Comment by helene — Jan 26th 2009 @ 10:56 am
  63. I would like to say that this so called kelly who works for Citi AKA the BIG BAD WOLF. Is full of it. She states that its peoples fault for living beyond there means that Citi has to adjust and raise card members rates in order to survive. Thats only the small end of the story. Its only because the banks and this countries economy have been strong due to money moving on credit. its what they themselves have promoted. If everyone lived the perfect financial Suzy Orman life this economy woyuld never have been what it was. It would be a more humble country and not so advanced. The banks are crying because the banking system is and has fallen. It will ony get worse especially if the banks who are getting bailed out with our money are still trying to stick it to us. People who have high balances and oupt out will have no choice but to default when they close there account. If they dont. The new and crooked intrest rates will certainly force a lot of good families to decide weather its going to the super market or paying Citi. We all know this is a no brainer. Once they start to default on one credit card the rest usually follow. The banks are crooks. They need to play fair and work with the card holder so it coulod be resolved with out any drastic action from either side. When i called the costumer service department the rep was extremely rude. I had until the end January to oupt out. She stated that even though i had until the end of January that the new intrest had already begun on my account and it was to late to reverse what was already charged. It was only until I kept insisting that she reversed it. 300 plus dollars. What a world , what a world. God Bless America we will get through this god willing.

    Comment by Jose Ortiz — Jan 26th 2009 @ 1:56 pm
  64. Personally, I think people need to pay their balances in full each month, that way you won’t be subject to any finance charges at all…

    Comment by Steve — Jan 27th 2009 @ 12:41 am
  65. And now the great news of citibank’s purchase of a $50 million luxury jet AFTER the receipt of $45 BILLION of our tax dollars that’s ALREADY GONE. So THERE’S what we’re paying for with our rate increase!!! WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED?!?!?!? OPT OUT, OPT OUT, OPT OUT!!!!!

    Comment by Karmazoic — Jan 28th 2009 @ 3:15 pm
  66. Jose, aka THE IDIOT grow up and pull your head out of your butt. Are you kidding me? People have been living beyond thier means forever. So don’t tell me that they haven’t. How many accounts do you see on a daily basis? Do you work for citibank? Do you even work for a bank? I would say not! I wish that people would stop being idiots. Credit card companies don’t take advantage of people. People are stupid and they don’t read their terms and conditions. They applied for the card, they used the card, they have to pay back what they used, it’s as simple as that.
    And for Karmazoic, we did not buy a plane! But thanks for letting letting us know what you read in the paper and what you saw online.
    Steve, thank you! I tell people to pay off the balance every month when they call to activate their card, but nobody listens.
    Jose, do you own a business? I really hope that you don’t because I am sure that you wouldn’t be making any money. We do help people out so do your research, before you say things that aren’t true.But at what point is the customer held accountable?Should we just let please go over the credit line, and just waive all kinds of late fees, and finance charges, and just tell them to pay it back when ever they feel like it? Half the people that have higher rates is b/c they don’t pay on time, so they go into default, and that’s b/c people are lazy. After being in default, then yes it’s harder to pay, but that;s thier fault and I don’t feel sorry for them, especially when we have aleady given adjustments for them . You find me onther bank that is increasing their interest rates. Your not going to find one. I would live to look at your account and see what your payment history is. If you don’t like, then close youe account and go somewhere else, please. If you don’t pay interest you don’t have anything to worry about. 1 out of 7 people reject the terms.

    Comment by kelly — Jan 28th 2009 @ 11:59 pm
  67. Who is this so called Kelly who has been sent by Citi AKA The Big Bad Wolf!!! She has been sent by Citi to calm things down to hide all the unfair practices done everyday by Citi. It seems you and your Bank are not paying attention to what is going on. No one saying give us free money. No one is saying to forgive any debt. What we are saying is. Show the same kindness this great nation has shown by lending Citi such a great amount of money. We the people loaned Citi the money. Citi is only looking for there own benifit. They where actually going to buy a new jet because the order was placed a few years ago. I say no jet!! Sell the ones you have and ride coach. Dont come asking for money and except us to let you keep living the the good life. Another thing. These are hard times that Americans are going through. I say help main street first. Although I believe in Capitalism. I do think some sort of goverment intervention was needed to avoid something worse. But enough is enough. No one seems to be bailing out the state of California who has become bankrupt. So why should we have to help Citi who is only going to go bankrupt in the very near future. Then what we need to do is raise there intrest rate to 33% the moment they default. With out even caring what the excuise is. Pay up or we will foreclose on everything Citi owns.

    Comment by Jose Ortiz — Jan 29th 2009 @ 3:37 pm
  68. Wow…I work for citibank as well. I agree with all of you that are upset that your interest rate is increasing significantly. I also agree with the fact that all of us who spend more than we can afford to pay back are at fault for this. The current market conditions are in large part due to the fact that home loans were given (5-10yrs ago)to borrowers who had no business getting the loan. These borrowers took advantage of getting a loan that they knew in the back of their head they couldn’t keep up with. The banks, brokers and real estate agents also knew this. In turn, when these borrowers began to fall behind, they simply refinanced easily and pulled cash out of the equity-rich housing market. Then, when housing began to plateau and eventually plunged, these borrowers did not have the money to pay their mortgage. So, they turned to their credit cards that they have had for a long time and began to use them to float every day expenses. Then, they reached the limit and couldn’t keep up with the minimum due. Then, they couldn’t pay their mortgage payment and things began to spin out of control. The volume of people who experienced this is what drove us to this point. Citi also mis-managed their volume of credit that it extended during these times. So, now we are left with people who are falling behind every month as well as banks falling behind every month. BOTH are to blame!

    Comment by Citi-employee — Jan 29th 2009 @ 7:32 pm
  69. I can also say that citi has hundreds of thousands of credit card accounts and definitely does send the CIT letters to those who probably should not fall into that category. I believe that at least 95% of cardholders that recieve the letter either 1) Do not use more than 10% of their credit line. 2) Have a high balance and only pay minimum due or a little more. If you recieve the CIT letter then that means that you are NOT one of citi’s best customers. Citi has those customers categorized in a different area. In these times, I know its hard for everyone, but all of us who are in debt just have to keep working hard and plugging away at our bills. WE spent the money with the agreement that we would pay it back. Hopefully new laws will be passed to prevent this big change from happening in the future. For, now we just have to accept it and find ways to cut costs in our lives.

    Comment by Citi-employee — Jan 29th 2009 @ 7:41 pm
  70. this economy is crazy. They are still offering the Opt-Out clause. The best they can offer me was 12.99, thats up from 7.99 that I have had for years. I think I gotta opt out. The rep I spoke to said it wouldn’t affect my credit if I opt out. Anybody know if this is true?

    Comment by J — Feb 3rd 2009 @ 2:44 am
  71. i just spoke to Citi again. They have nothing else to say except that they have been forced with the economic crisis to raise are rates. I owe them nothing and have a very high score of 825 middle. I recently just paid my account in full. it makes no differance to them. So for all you who say they only target the risky card holders. Well thats b/s. I am proof. I am considered A plus paper by most bank standards. I also have a very high net worth. They seem not to care. Or is it that they have made a clerical error and will soon be reversing there decision when they find out my very good and strong credit. Well the answer is NO!! Because they said it did not matter. it was the same across the board for every one. Whe ever has not been selected will soon be. What people dont understand is that the next crisis to come is in credit card defualts. Its already starting to happen to Amex and many other banks. I am sure Citi is getting hit hard. Pretty soon their will be very little credit available. This counrties economy was stable on credit. It cant withstand a mostly all cash basis. Lets Hope for the best. But please understand most economist or asking us to brace for the worst.

    Comment by Jose ortiz — Feb 3rd 2009 @ 4:28 pm
  72. P.S would all the Citi employees stop kissing a.. and writing all this b/s. It seems like its being drawn up in the internal department of Citi and then being allowed to be posted. Before they can say anything else they need to sell all ther Jets along with iliminating all CEO bonuses. Until then it just looks like they are talking it but not walking it. Oh yeah! I forgot they are walking it. Walking away with all are money. Give it back then do what you want.

    Comment by Jose ortiz — Feb 3rd 2009 @ 4:38 pm
  73. Here is an exact copy of my BAD pay history….yep I’m a risk!


    Posted and cancelled online payments for the last 6 months.

    Date & Time (CT*)
    Requested Amount Post Date Confirmation Number Status Bank Account Number (last 4 digits)
    08/12/08 2:30 PM $12,250.00
    08/12/08 122723850219085 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX69
    08/23/08 11:32 AM $5,000.00
    08/25/08 122733247472814 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX69
    08/29/08 4:24 PM $5,555.00
    09/01/08 132738606847173 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX49
    09/10/08 11:04 AM $3,000.00
    09/10/08 112748782430331 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX69
    09/13/08 10:19 AM $5,000.00
    09/15/08 132751347436522 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX49
    09/23/08 11:30 AM $6,500.00
    09/23/08 112760030085850 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX49
    09/29/08 1:42 PM $15,000.00
    09/29/08 122765293718698 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX49
    10/10/08 2:43 PM $1,000.00
    10/10/08 132774834323645 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX49
    10/17/08 8:38 AM $5,200.00
    10/17/08 132780663313666 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX69
    10/28/08 9:24 AM $8,500.00
    10/28/08 122790194561982 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX69
    11/11/08 2:40 PM $3,000.00
    11/11/08 122802480389932 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX69
    11/17/08 12:25 PM $10,000.00
    11/17/08 122807583530741 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX49
    12/02/08 3:26 PM $20,000.00
    12/02/08 122820651941512 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX49
    12/10/08 8:49 AM $3,681.36
    12/10/08 132827325436300 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX49
    12/12/08 4:28 PM $10,000.00
    12/15/08 122829328874762 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX69
    01/03/09 10:20 AM $5,000.00
    01/05/09 112848116587385 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX49
    01/12/09 2:05 PM $17,956.60
    01/12/09 112856027037060 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX69
    01/23/09 8:36 AM $5,000.00
    01/23/09 122865333680154 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX49
    01/28/09 1:01 PM $10,000.00
    01/28/09 122869813050853 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX49

    AMEX Here I come!!!!!!

    I’d love to hear someone explain my HIGH RISK PROFILE!

    Comment by marc — Feb 6th 2009 @ 12:36 pm
  74. @ any Citi employee– looking at my 1st post rate change statement. New rate should be on only new charges, right? Why is old balance not charged at old rate?

    Comment by Fred — Feb 6th 2009 @ 2:47 pm
  75. Citi and all the other banks are committing fraud on the American tax payers. They and other banks have misspent the money we have loaned them so far. Let them go under and only the the ones who are strong enough to survive on their own should remain a float. Down with bank corruption up with capitalism.

    Comment by Jose ortiz — Feb 6th 2009 @ 3:21 pm
  76. Okay let me try to clear some things up…..

    1.If you do NOT opt out any purchase balance on the acct. will go up to the higher rate as well as any new purchases
    2.Promotional offers such as balance transfers will still be honored under the terms given at the time the promotion went into effect
    3.Pay in full customers are not the great customers they think they are
    4.They do NOT charge on time fees, they do however charge late fees, if you are late it is nobodys fault but your own DEAL WITH THE DEFAULT RATE
    5.It does NOT matter how long you have had an acct open if you get a change in terms notice your terms WILL change
    6.They never forced you to charge to your card if you don’t like the new terms opt out and the acct will be closed so you never have to deal with them again
    ****a special note for long time customers****
    You have been locked in at the same rate for xx years without an increase to the margin charged by Citi but in those same years costs for EVERYTHING has increased (you have even gotten cost of living increases at your job) why are you so upset that now the credit card company is FINALLY increasing rates too, did you post a notice on a website when the cost of milk went up to, or gas, or rent, get over it prices go up if you don’t like them pay with cash

    Comment by Get_it_right — Feb 6th 2009 @ 11:32 pm
  77. “You have been locked in at the same rate for xx years without an increase to the margin charged by Citi but in those same years costs for EVERYTHING has increased (you have even gotten cost of living increases at your job) why are you so upset that now the credit card company is FINALLY increasing rates too, did you post a notice on a website when the cost of milk went up to, or gas, or rent, get over it prices go up if you don’t like them pay with cash.”

    –By that logic, credit card companies should keep gradually raising their rates to “keep up”, until they hit 100 %. Hell, why not 200%?!

    The flaw in your argument (among many) is that credit card RATES are figured in PERCENTAGES. This is different from INFLATION, where the actual cost of goods & services increase…if bread goes from $1 to $3, and a lender’s interest rate stays the same, they STILL GET MORE MONEY because 10% of $3 is more than 10% of $1. You really think people don’t understand this basic concept? You really think that because things cost more now than in, say, 1985, that interest rates should rise accordingly? That’s not how the Economy and the Prime Rate work, pal.

    Comment by MOOSEBOY — Feb 7th 2009 @ 12:41 am
  78. Oh please!!! What in the heck are you talking about ? This so called Get It Right. Your talking so much mumbo jumbo. The American people want to pay there debts. Thats not what where saying. Open your eyes and ears so you realize whats really going on. In a time when the banks are getting bailed out with are tax dollars. We desreve something more than abusive tactics. They need to bite the bullet just like the tax payer and buckle down and administrate there funds properly. they themselves cant even get control of the mess they have created. So why raise some ones rate period. Even if they are late and want to work things out. Banks like Citi need to help keep account holders from wanting to default. Oh! I forgot they will just get paid by the Tarp.Listen tell Citi to give us our money back. Lets see how well there stocks hold up. They will go belly up. The only reason all these Fu?*&&^$# banks are still around, is because of are tax dollars.

    Comment by jose ortiz — Feb 7th 2009 @ 1:02 pm
  79. Opt out! That’s what Citi deserves… then in the end they will lose, not win! I opted out yesterday. I did NOT even get a letter with all these new terms. I just noticed that my APR has gone up on my latest statement. I called, and said “No thanks”. Then they asked me if I wanted to sign up for some “protection” plan. Again, I said “no thanks”. I will NEVER ever do business with Citi again! I ask that you do the same. I have an excellent credit history, and was shocked to see my APR change from 7.99% to 14.99%. That is a huge increase! Is this how we are going to stimulate the economy?

    Comment by VIn — Feb 7th 2009 @ 1:11 pm
  80. Well there you go – apparently according to the brilliant Citi workforce represented here. You only “think” you are excellent, and if you pay in full you are not desirable, if you spend too much you are not desirable, if you pay on time it doesn’t count for anything, if you have been a loyal customer for xx number of years – who cares!

    And to think I was having regrets about paying this card in full and closing it after four years!

    Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

    The Citi employees condemn people for buying milk with a credit card – but then they say if you don’t use the card for at least 10% you are not a desirable customer. And what about the rewards programs – shop for everyday items, pay your bills etc and we’ll give you rewards!
    It is so contradicting.

    Every post that I read from them just makes me feel like I did the right thing. Like someone said above at least I won’t have to deal with them again.

    Comment by Monica — Feb 7th 2009 @ 5:15 pm
  81. I have had my same Citi card for 17 years. Never missed not evan one payment!
    I did opt out as well.
    My problem is that they gave until Jan. 31,2008. to Opt Out. I called beginning of January and did so. But my January statement arrived two days latter with the new 14.99% rate which raised my minimum payment by $130.00. This is all interest.
    When I called, the Customer Service agent on the phone, said that I just needed to pay my minimum for this month and that my rate would go back down to 6.99% and they would close my acct. in May ‘09 and I would be able to pay off the account at the 6.99%.
    My issue is that they have changed the rate, stolen the extra money and are not being accountable for the language that is misinformative. The date to Opt Out was January 31, 2009.
    I am filing a complaint with the OCC. I’ve had it!

    Comment by Temmi — Feb 8th 2009 @ 4:43 pm
  82. Temmi they tried that with me. I told them there paper work states that we have until the end january. They started with all this technical talk. I said I dont care Citi has to honor what the stated on there advisery letter. Once the rep saw I was not falling for it. She reversed it. Call back and ask again. Ask to speak with there boss. Dont give up and they will reverse it. They did it for me. Good luck!

    Comment by jose ortiz — Feb 8th 2009 @ 9:27 pm
  83. No reversal.
    No negotiation.
    No options.

    Either take it or get out.

    That’s how I was treated, even though I was polite and firm.
    From 13 to 20% simply for being a customer.

    Account transferred.


    Comment by Chris Walker — Feb 12th 2009 @ 12:46 pm
  84. Well, I live overseas and just got the letter. Called, and opted out today. 15 years almost never missing a payment, and regularly charging thousands. I gave the rep a piece of my mind, even though not her fault poor lady. DOWN with Citi!!

    Comment by Jeff — Feb 12th 2009 @ 11:57 pm
  85. Check out all of your Citi backed cards. They are following suit. Home Depot,Citgo. I had to close them all and surprisingly the customer service folks that I spoke with seemed ashamed that their company were treating their customers this way.

    Comment by drob — Feb 13th 2009 @ 7:14 am
  86. Citi suck!!! They don’t care about employees or customers. Everybody is a # to them. If you have any issue with the change-in-term and customer no service can’t help you then just ask for a manger. They can do a lot more things then customer no service. If you opt-out of CIT make sure you tell customer service rep to adjust your finance charges or they won’t adjust it. Upper management told the reps not to adjust any finance charge unless the customer ask. Just another ways, citi screw the customers. Citi never sleep because they’re always trying to find ways to screw employees and customers.

    Comment by john — Feb 16th 2009 @ 11:05 pm
  87. We were never informed of the rate increase. It nearly put me in cardiac arrest when the wife showed me the statement. Our minimum payment had more than doubled and our APR had jumped to 25%! We had not been late on any payments.
    We called them to let them know they had made a mistake. They said it was no mistake. They had decided to change the terms of our agreement. They said it wasn’t just us, but a group of people. They did not give a reason, though we asked. They said there was nothing we could do about it.
    They began calling our home five to ten times a day hounding us for this new payment that we could not afford. They even called my wife’s job (she quickly put an end to that!).
    After not being able to make the payment, they raised the APR again to 29%! Still the calls continued.
    I had had enough. I began to do Google searches and ran across this web site. This is where I learned that they were supposed to give us the choice to opt out. I called my wife with the info and the phone number posted here. She immediately called the credit card company. They still would not explain why they increased the APR. When she asked them just how high the the cap was, the operator refused an answer. My wife then told them that we found out we were supposed to be given the option to opt out of the APR hike, and we were not. They finally relented and lowered our APR to 5%. They said though that they would not refund the interest charged to date. My wife said, “you better go ask somebody else. That is not acceptable”. Again they relented and refunded it to us.
    What they did to us was shady as hell. I am confident that there are many more like us that do not know they were trapped without being given the option to opt out.
    We will pay this damn card off and never again participate in anything involving Citibank. We have been good customers and always made our payments. We have never been in default.
    What they are doing is shady and shameful.

    Comment by Coffeeachiever — Feb 19th 2009 @ 1:45 pm
  88. At first I thought that this was ridiculous as well, but after awhile I have no sympathy anymore. This is money that is lent to customers of the company. If it was a loan shark that set up terms with you for four years of repayment and then all of the sudden legally changed the terms on your repayment, what do you do? You pay it or you don’t. Please Please Please stop with these bs lines…. This is not the way to get anything accomplished.

    “I’ve been a customer for ‘blah blah’ years and I’ve never missed a payment”

    Firstly, yes you have, everyone has at some point in time. It happens… and the reps don’t care about that at all. They want you to opt out, ask questions, or don’t opt out.

    “What happened to the jet you bought or the bailout money?”

    Don’t ask questions about things you have no actual background information on. Do your own research to find out what happened to the ‘jet’ that was purchased 4 years ago, and never received by the bank that had to pay penalties for not accepting the agreement of purchase… and look on the internet to find how the bailout money was used… it’s accessible.

    “This is ridiculous and I’m just not going to pay my account, how could you do this to me?”

    Don’t pay the account off… go into default… pay a higher rate than the CIT proposed, get stacked with $39 late fees, ocl fees, and f/c… then declare for bankruptcy…

    OPT OUT!!!!!! It’s not a big deal.. think about it… Citi execs knew that the response wouldn’t be good. They gave you two choices, accept the change or close the account on the expiration date….

    With this all said… here is some help

    Here are some tips to ask your customer rep when you call.

    1. If your rates have ALREADY changed, ask the rep to credit back the finance charges that were based on the CIT rate. They WILL do this and the finance charges will credit back to your account in 2-3 business days. Make sure you call and do this at least 4 days before your payment is due, otherwise the credits will not post to your balance and change your minimum due back to normal.

    2. Ask for a supervisor. Not because regular customer service reps can’t do what you request, but because supervisors can do them quicker and easier.

    3. Do NOT act like a a$$h0l* to the rep on the phone. It is not their fault that the rates are increasing. To tell the truth, most of the reps you talk to have the same thing happening to them at another company, and Citi will block the rep from expressing true regret and agreeing with your arguments. Yes… it’s not the best situation for anyone, but the people you scream at on the phone will do one thing if you start screaming… they will stop sympathizing and trying to help, and will do as little for you as possible.

    If you have received a CIT and you are a long time customer that always pays on time, WONDERFUL FOR YOU! There are a million people out there that manage their accounts exactly the same way, you are not the only one, so stop acting so self-righteous. This is happening to everyone, not just you. I’m not saying that I agree with what is happening… but I understand it, and you should to.

    The federal ‘bail out’ that people keep referring to was wonderful and helped increase Citi’s capital and realign it’s capital structure to allow them to continue to lend money to new and existing customers…. this doesn’t mean that the bank doesn’t still need ways to stay in business. For years Citi has lended money and kept interest rates low for certain customers and now they need to keep up with the increased cost to lending.

    BOTTOM LINE: If you do not like the CIT, the opt out. It’s really very simple… no need for “DOWN WITH CITIBANK” chants, cuz I will tell you the truth….

    Almost every credit card company will be following suit in the next year. This is a guarantee.

    Comment by mike — Feb 19th 2009 @ 7:50 pm
  89. Down with Citibank.
    I am using my Citibank credit card to go short on Citibank and also buy puts.
    The interst rate is high, but Citi stock was down 30% yesterday. Everybody use your Citbank credit card to run Citibank to the ground, plus making a good return on borrowed money.

    My Home Depot Citibank card went to 27% interest and I checked my credit and FICO score and I am in the top tier Excellent FICO range.

    Anyone with Citi, do not post your mis-information.

    Comment by beenscammedbyciti — Feb 21st 2009 @ 4:00 pm
  90. I am just a measly citicards employee who answers the phone. I personally am also a consumer and feel these changes border on criminal.

    Here are the truths:

    1. Citicards is & will continue to raise the interest rates through change in terms for the majority of their cardholders. This is across the board, if you have not gotten a change in terms yet…you probably will. It doesn’t matter if you have excellent credit, they are changing them now while they still can before the government doesn’t allow it. You will be notified by mail of this change.

    2. If you are late (whether it be a day, a week, or even an hour late paying online) or write a bad check, etc. your rate will be raised to the default rate which can be up to 39.99% without you even being notified.

    3. The scripting we are supposed to tell you is: This is not an interest rate based on your account performance, this change is being done across the board because of the increases we are paying to other banks to lend the money to you. Also, there is a much greater credit risk today with the current state of economy. We value you as a cardholder & hope that you continue to stay with us. (BLAH BLAH BLAH)

    4. The reps who answer the phone have the ability to accept the change in terms and then IMMEDIATELY look and see if there is a lower interest available. Sometimes, there is a lower rate that is even lower than what you originally had. Guidelines state to lower it no more than 2% but it can be done & I personally do it almost everytime. If not, you can still reject the terms at that point and opt-out.

    5. In the past when there was change in terms, if you had opted out and kept your original rate and the time came for your account to close Citi would do any number of things:
    A- Allow the account to close.
    or most likely
    B- Try to retain your business by giving you a lower rate again.
    I do not know how they will respond this time with a vast majority of the people rejecting the new terms.

    6. Citi has a great number of offshore sites that answer the phone. My advice to you if you get someone like that, hang up and try again until you get someone in the United States. The best time to call is between 5:30 am – 8:30 am eastern time. The offshore reps tend to be more strict about what they can or cannot do. They follow the “scripts” 100% because in their country, it is a high-paying job and they do not want to lose it. In the US, we are told often that if we do not perform, they can hire some offshore sight to do our job for 75 cents an hour which is millions to some of the poorer countries.

    7. Ask for an adjustment of the finance charges, it can be done for up to 3 months.

    8. Be nice to the person who answers the phone. I personally will do EVERYTHING in my power to help someone who is being nice to me and not try nearly as hard to help someone who is not. I can waive every single late fee off your account if I want to or I can waive nothing. If I am looking for a lower interest rate for you, I may have an options like
    Prime + 4.99%
    Prime + 6.99%
    Prime + 8.99%
    Prime + 9.99%
    Prime + 12.99% or more.
    We have guidelines, but we still choose the rate we offer you. If you call me names & act like an idiot, I will also act like an idiot, I will still help you but I will do the minimum.

    Comment by Citi Employee JJ — Feb 21st 2009 @ 5:51 pm
  91. J.J City employee you are really cool. Thanks for all your advise against the BIG BAD WOLF!!! I would like to offer you some advise. Even when card holders call and they act like D..Ks. Its usualy because they are very fustrated and think your just another Citi employee looking to F..K the card holder. So put that aside and SCREW!!! Citi. You screw them out every penny you can. With out loosing your job. Help even the guy who wont listen to reason. Think of it as F..cking Citi. God Bless America, Down with Citi and all their abuse. Good luck! J.J

    Comment by j ortiz — Feb 21st 2009 @ 11:28 pm
  92. BTW, anyone who sticks with Citibank- double check your due date (always a good idea anyway).

    Mine has always fallen between the 17th and 20th of the month; this month it has been pushed up to the 13TH… enough time for an auto-payment to be missed if you normally pay close to the usual date. Then they can raise your rates again, and you’ll have to call customer service to sort it out.

    Since having this unexpectedly happen with a different card a month ago, I now routinely pay 10 days or more before the due date.

    Comment by Mooseboy — Mar 2nd 2009 @ 3:26 pm
  93. Mooseboy- This is known as a shortened due date. Citibank does this when people regularly pay their bill on time. The reasoning is because they like to get their money more quickly from people who have paid on time consistently so they shorten their due date from 25 to 20 days. However, you are not notified if this change happens to you. So, if you know your due date is always on the 20th of the month and you regularly pay it on the 17th to make sure it is on time, check your statement bc your due date may suddenly become the 15th: AND (here’s the kicker) If not received by the new shortened date, you may go into default for paying late. LOL
    Citi at it’s best.

    Comment by Citi Employee JJ — Mar 6th 2009 @ 9:51 am
  94. Personal responsibility is one half of the problem. However, this does not alter the argument that credit card companies are allowed to operate under rules that would not be tolerated in other business practices.

    Contracts that allow one party to change terms at will and allow the arbitrary change in rates for “any reason or no reason” should not be part of commerce.

    How would you like to buy a new automobile then have the manufacturer change the warranty for “any reason or no reason”. What if you changed your oil at 3,000.5 miles instead of 3,000 and the engine seized the next day.

    This is trickery and deceit and should not be allowed.

    Yes, a person walking down a dark alley in a rough part of town may be irresponsible and stupid but if he is beaten and robbed the perpetrator of the beating still has committed a crime.

    Comment by Critical Thinker — Mar 6th 2009 @ 9:45 pm
  95. Jose Ortez and Citi Employee,
    Hey, I want to thank you both for your advice.
    I called Citi back and asked for a Supervisor who turned out to be very polite and helpful. My refund was $137.00 and lowered my current payment for that month. I am now locked in at 5.75% and my card will close in May ‘09. The 5.75% will continue till paid off. My credit score is 830 now and when the Citi card closes, it will drop to 815 because I will be less 24,000 in available credit (I went online to a website that takes you through steps with what you owe and how much credit you have available -vs- % you have used). So all in all I am happy with this Citi change. I may consider using Citi again down the road, because I have been a customer since 1992. But for now and until the credit crunch subsides, I can easily live with these results. Good Luck to all. Just do your best to get out of debt!

    Comment by Temmi — Mar 13th 2009 @ 1:57 pm
  96. Well I received the same notice (booklet) however I don’t know which credit card it’s linked to. I suspect I have a Citi card that was transferred to them. Does anyone have the phone number so I can at least give the correct card number.

    Comment by Cynthia — Apr 20th 2009 @ 9:12 pm
  97. Got the letter today also – JUST OPTED OUT

    They wanted to move me from 7.25% to 14.99 – Wow!

    These people are idiots. They are running off the good payers and keeping the slugs! I told their rep on the phone that I absolutely reject this, since I have been there for years, always pay on time and have never been late.

    I hope every person who receives such a letter ops out. Of course, Obama the Magnificent would probably give them even more money to compensate for angry customers like me who won’t put up with this. In the end, we’ll probably end up paying this one way or the other.

    Comment by Dave — May 2nd 2009 @ 3:21 pm
  98. After acquiring the almost0impossible-to-get 3.9% FIXED APR Citi card in 2003, I went from paying off the full balance every month to currently having a $15k debt. I make on-time payments every month, and often make very, very large payments of $1,500 or more. After losing my job last year I started basically living off my credit card. I used this one exclusively, due to the phenomenal rate. My American Express card canceled me several years ago after 6 years of no use. My credit score is around 740, so I was very surprised and angered when my rate went from 3.9% fixed on purchases to 19.99%. This is over a 500% increase! I wasn’t late! I didn’t default on anything! My credit hasn’t gone down!

    I understand it it Citi’s right to change the T&C, but to F the good customers for doing nothing wrong borders on illegal. When I called, I was told it is due to the bailout. So I am being penalized due to the actions of others, in essence. The supervisor i was immediately transferred to (as if they knew they were doing something shady) offered to keep my current balance at 3.9% until it is paid off, and “lowered” my purchase APR to just above 12%. While I appreciate this, I still got slammed 300%. For what? Making Citi plenty of money? With basically no risk?

    I kept my card open, as I have that large balance and this is one of my 2 remaining cards. But I have ceased ALL purchases using Citi. I will never again carry a balance on either of my credit cards. I kind of hope Citi goes bankrupt due to these foolish decisions.

    Comment by Chandler — May 4th 2009 @ 3:52 pm
  99. Hey Chandler,
    I am a the exact same customer as you. I have had this Citi account for 17 years, now. Never late on any payment. Credit score 780. I have almost $13K on my card, but it is the only card I have been useing, since the rate is 5.99% and will stay that way. I was in Real Estate as a profession and I have not had a transaction since July 2008. I opted out of the new terms and my card just closed on May 1st. So I will continue to pay down my balance at the 5.99% I can cover this payment and my living expenses for two years with my savings. And I will not pay off the card until I get a large sum coming through my doors.
    My problem is what hit is this closure of $25,000. available credit going to do to my credit score? I now have a much higher debt to available credit without this Citi card. This, I feel is the real screwing to Citi (and any other credit cards) customers who have mantained an Excellent credit rating and score for their consuming adult life. And the Big Three credit reporting agencies do not factor in the Bank’s change of terms which changes my whole formula on which I am now rated. I guess my point is, I signed a contract with Citi 17 years ago which has gotten more and more abusive toward me throughout the years. I can handle that. What I have no control over, is the credit bureas, who I did not sign a contract with. I am extremely ticked about this one. I am keeping track of my credit score (and paying the money each time I check my fico’s) to see how much it drops down. I am waiting to gather evidence of how I am being harmed by this and then I may seek legal council for damages. If anyone knows of a class action suit in progress, please post it here.
    I am defininatly not going to take this abuse without a fight!
    Best of Luck to you Chandler and to everyone here.

    Comment by Temmi — May 5th 2009 @ 12:39 pm
  100. How about good payers having to pay an interest rate starting from the time you purchase something until your statement comes. Who is going to put up with that? Not me

    Comment by fran — May 20th 2009 @ 12:18 am
  101. You all need to stop being spoilt little brats and look at the big picture here. Firstly – credit cards are unsecured loads! If you default on your mortgage the bank will take your house but if you default on your credit card the worst they can do is put a judgment on your credit report. Citibank alone wrote of $6bn in credit card debt last year, thats money that they will never have the opportunity to recover. The reason Citi are rolling out these change in terms in due to the fact that they are not operating at a true profit right now simply because the price of borrowing has gone up but more importantly customers are defaulting on Credit Cards, Loans and Mortgages and a record rate. Citi is a business, like any business it is trying to make a profit. You guys have had it so easy over the last couple of decades with large credit lines combined with low interest rates. Unfortunately the party is over for a while and if you want to continue borrowing money you will have to do it at a higher rate. I am not saying that this wont hurt the customers who have large balances because it will. I think it is moronic and pathetic to try and chastise a company for trying to make enough profit to survive these turbulent times. We all know that if you were running your own business and your profit margins were reduced and operating costs increased, raising your prices is the most viable way to boost profit, this is basic economics 101. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but a new change of terms is being rolled out in the month of July 09 with interest rates as high as 29.99% Keep your eyes open for the letter but more importantly remember that if you carry a balance on your credit card that you BORROWING money and that is not cheap anymore, if you dont like it then live within your means and stop borrowing money and expecting it to be free.

    Comment by Anon — Jun 27th 2009 @ 9:28 am
  102. Wow! Anon I never saw it that way. I have seen the error of my ways. NOT!!! SCREW CITI!!!!

    Comment by jose ortiz — Jun 27th 2009 @ 10:12 am
  103. ortiz…. your ignorance astounds me. How do you have time to write on this wall? Shouldn’t you be out buying more crap that you simply can not afford?

    Comment by Anon — Jun 27th 2009 @ 11:04 am
  104. Hey anon:

    I might buy into your theory but it has its flaws; or are you simply a shill for Citi? First of all, even experienced bankers know that folks with a FICO of over 700 tend to pay their bills no matter what. But when I got one of these dumb letters, I went to their website and saw that they are working out little deals with people who CANNOT pay their bills. A little ass backwards, don’t you think?

    You are right when you say that as a business, they have the right to make the command decision to do this. But as you can see, there are plenty of folks like me who won’t buy into it, especially since when credit was offered, it was offered at a prearranged rate.

    Citi can change their terms, folks with good credit like me will opt out. They will need to ask Chairman Obama for another bailout when they fined that they cannot make money off of people who evidently cannot pay their bills in the first place.

    Comment by Dave — Jun 27th 2009 @ 11:57 am
  105. Excellent Dave!

    I posted on this blog because I had a credit score close to 800 before the Citi business blunder. I’ve had this Citi card for 17 years! I have made charges through those 17 years and made each and every payment along with clearing off the balance many, many times. That is the deal between Citi and me. Since I have been an excellent customer, they have been an excellent credit card to deal with until their (Citi’s) recent financial troubles, not mine! Too bad Anon, we excellent credit, bill paying, high calibur folks are not accepting the one size fits all scenario you’re spewing. Sure it’s an unsecured loan, but let’s see, 17 years of interest payments and all principal being paid back, should have showed up on Citi’s positive side of their balance sheet. Maybe Citi should not have solicited customers with credit scores in the high 500’s during Bush’s 8 years of a false economy and Get-the-Money Corporate America business environment! I will pay off the balance I have on this account and I will not do business with Citi again. If for no other reason than they, not me, make poor business choices. And Anon, America has been built by people who pay, not people who don’t. I don’t need to own Citi’s bad choices. I’ve worked and earned the right not to! Now on to correct the Credit Reporting Agencies! I am not going to tolerate my credit being affected by this crap. Will post as things progress…….

    Comment by Temmi — Jun 27th 2009 @ 1:42 pm
  106. Temmi. Here is the deal…If what you say is true about your credit score and payment history then going on your track record Citi would love to lend you money at the low rate they have been. One of the main problems is that sadly at present you are in the minority and what you have to understand is that Citi and all other lenders would love to pick and choose whose rates are increased and whose are not the problem is that is is illegal to discriminate on that basis and therefore why you unfortunately are seeing “across the board” interest hikes. I am not going to sit here and defend the business decisions that Citi has made over the last few years but Citi is not the only culprit here. You are the victim of poor borrowing by you average consumer and perhaps poor lending from Citi. Just remember…Citi never held a gun to anyones head and told them to get a credit card. The recession we are currently is was initiated by greed. Greed of the consumer and greed by big business. No one is innocent here and sadly we are all going to have to pay, one way or another. On more thing Temmi, America may have been built on people who pay but it is being destroyed right now by people who can not!

    Comment by Anon — Jun 27th 2009 @ 6:50 pm
  107. Anon- I don’t think you have much experience with credit. In response to your statement “…Citi would love to lend you money at the low rate they have been,” this is incorrect. I too paid my bills on time every month every year for years, yet I got stuck with the same stupid letter as the others did. Naturally, I opted out.

    Regarding your comment that it is illegal to discriminate regarding rates, this is a result of idiots like Barney Frank who know nothing about finance but who are in postions to regulate banks.Those who have GOOD payment histories should get LOW interest rates. Those who do not should have to pay higher interest rates, given the risk. Having said that, if someone has religiously paid their bills on time every month every year, they should be left alone. Credit, when used wisely is a great tool.

    The beginning of the end came when thug special interest groups like ACORN and other ghetto special interests sued banks and forced them to give loans to those who should have never gotten loaned a dime. The banks turned it around, made a lot of money doing so and then stuck US with the bill; us meaning the taxpayers via the stupid bailouts, and then good credit consumers in the form of tripled interest rates. So really, they are guilty of doubledipping.

    Other folks on this board with good credit are opting out because they are careful with their money. Evidently, CITI thinks we’re all desperate 20-year old college kids who want credit no matter what.

    We’ll see how much money banks make catering to those who can’t pay their bills. Not all credit companies engage in this conduct; that’s who those of us on the board will stick with.

    Comment by Dave — Jun 27th 2009 @ 7:18 pm
  108. Dave…I agree with you people that with good credit should be able to borrow at lower rates than people with bad credit history. That has never been my argument. As mentioned previously unfortunately is is illegal to asses CITs (change in terms) on an individual basis, therefore you get screwed. There are some more options than just simply opting out. When you call citi to opt out you might want to convert your card to a different style of card and that in turn could lower your APR from 19.99 to about 12-13 depending on the card. That may be a higher rate that you are currently on but it will save you the hassle of closing an account and finding another card company that will give you a semi decent line of credit.
    PS Dave I have over 15 yrs of credit experience. Most recently in corporate lending but I have worked on credit lending models for mid-size lenders.

    Comment by Anon — Jun 27th 2009 @ 10:14 pm
  109. Anon,
    Yeah Right. They can change the rate at any time for any reason. And they have utilized this tactics many times. They don’t have to change the CIT’s to get more money. It’s their mentality.
    I guess coming from your side of the credit partnership, you can’t see the other side we excellent borrowers are coming from. Why would I want to deal with Citi again, when I have a ton of choices coming in my mailbox? Why would I want to pay them 19.99%? let’s see, I own three homes, one of which is completely paid off, the other two are below 100,000. mortgages. I have a balance on Citi at 5.99%, which I will use to my advantage and pay payments until my next large amount comes in. I will not give Citi another chance. I have four other cards with nothing on them. I used Citi, because they treated me with respect for the borrower I have been for 17 years. Now they have blown it. What’s that they say? Betrayal is the end of a relationship!
    You people on the credit side are not Gods. Some of us will not jump through your hoops, because we don’t have to. What you will end up with is the low enders who you soliceted in the first place. Not we, who have choices. I learned 5 years ago when dealing with mortgage refinancing that these relationships are a two party deal. I hold just as much clout as the entity on the other side. What the Banks and Credit Card Issuers don’t get is you are screwing yourselves over. The days of you running amuck all over good people are over. In my eyes, Citi will never be the same company again. And the other credit card companies who jumped on this bandwagon are off my list. I am a Supreme Customer. I choose where my money goes. Especially in this economic environment.
    Best of luck Anon, in finding people who will put up with your method of thinking, if they have other choices.
    Once again, I am out to change the credit reporting agencies. If I have done nothing wrong, my credit should get a ding. I am not going to say, “Yes Sir, thats just the way it is”, and suffer any consequences. I’m sure there are others like me out there as well.

    Comment by Temmi — Jun 28th 2009 @ 12:15 pm
  110. Anon,

    Good Luck in your line of business, sincerely!

    Comment by Temmi — Jun 28th 2009 @ 12:21 pm
  111. Temmi, Everyone knows that I am playing devils advocate here. My main argument is that Citi and some of the other major lenders are in survival mode and this is one of their tactics in trying to keep their head above water. I am not stupid and neither are you, if you have the choice to pay 5.99 or 19.99 its a no brainer. When money is involved loyalty takes a back seat. You are right in saying that Citi will never be the same. Citi were on life support for a while and are now just coming off it, their recovery will be long and slow. The whole credit reporting thing is just absurd! Closing your account and reducing your available credit should in no way impact your credit.
    I still have a job but times are definately bumpy right now. Not too worried about it, I was thinking about retirement anyway!
    Good luck finding a lower rate. Try a small lender and make sure that you read the T&C’s carefully. Any questions just let me know.

    Comment by Anon — Jun 28th 2009 @ 3:02 pm
  112. Hey Anon the reason I have time is becuase I am very financialy secure and have time to do what I want. F.Y.I I pay for everything cash. You should really stop sounding so pro big banks when the nation is getting nailed by big banks and corrupt goverment officials. When CITI pays back the tax payers and pays for its crimes of selling toxic mortgages all over the world. Then you can talk. Any one ever wonder why the banks and the rating agencies who sold and gave (A) ratings to those terrible over inflated mortgage notes have not been formaly charged. Anon you sound like your stuck in a Cartoon! Because you just dont get it!

    Comment by jose ortiz — Jun 28th 2009 @ 6:09 pm
  113. Ortiz you are a walking contradiction… You say you are finacially secure and that you pay for everything in cash? People who pay for things in cash generally are not on forums bitching about their interest on their CREDIT CARD being raised. I have two credit cards. I have one from my current employer (not citi btw) and a Citi card. I recieved a CIT from citi and I thew it in the trash. They could raise my APR to 59% for all I care because I refuse to carry a balance. I charge what I can afford and NOTHING more. I havent paid interest on anything in over 10yrs. Both accts are set up to pay the balance in full each month from my checking account. Ortiz if what you say is true then like myself you wouldnt pay any interest so what does it matter what rate you have? Your story does not add up!

    Comment by Anon — Jun 28th 2009 @ 6:56 pm
  114. The same would apply to you. I dont care if it adds up to you. Facts are Facts! and those are mine. I am blessed to say they are true. Beleive it or not. My issue with you is that you seem to critisize to much with out showing compassion for the issues Americans are facing. Wether its was due to improper managing of their funds or not. Why should the banks get any bail out period. While home prices fall unemployment rises and health care prices are out of control. The worst part is their are rumors, that in some sates such as Florida and Neveda. That come September a bunch of people are going to stop paying for there mortgages all together. So that the default rate goes from RED to RED HOT!! This might be the same as cutting your nose to spite your face. But people are not happy. They are confused and frustrated. I am glad not to be in those situations. But I am concerned of such rumors that could further damage a very bad economy. So excuse me if i show no concern for a bank that has committed FRAUD!! I Hope they go belly up hard.

    Comment by jose ortiz — Jun 28th 2009 @ 8:48 pm
  115. We should all opt out of their credit cards.

    Comment by tom — Jul 1st 2009 @ 5:37 pm
  116. Am I high risk?

    01/03/09 10:20 AM $5,000.00 01/05/09

    01/12/09 2:05 PM $17,956.60 01/12/09 112856027037060 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX6913

    01/23/09 8:36 AM $5,000.00 01/23/09 122865333680154 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX4935

    01/28/09 1:01 PM $10,000.00 01/28/09 122869813050853 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX4935

    02/06/09 11:30 AM $17,995.73 02/06/09 122877534271091 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX6913

    02/20/09 4:08 PM $12,000.00 02/23/09 122889797259683 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX6913
    03/03/09 8:12 AM $10,000.00 03/03/09
    132899015594937 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX6913
    03/06/09 2:07 PM $8,500.00 03/06/09 132901820385315 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX4935
    03/14/09 11:32 AM $10,000.00 03/16/09 122908639628250 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX6913
    03/23/09 4:29 PM $15,000.00 03/24/09 122916593984683 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX6913
    04/08/09 2:46 PM $15,634.33 04/08/09 122930355975187 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX4935
    05/13/09 7:44 AM $5,000.00 05/13/09 122960342460617 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX6913
    05/15/09 2:04 PM $3,500.00 05/15/09 112962298818438 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX6913
    05/19/09 10:38 AM $12,000.00 05/19/09 122965631124922 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX6913
    05/22/09 3:35 PM $3,000.00 05/22/09 132968401091511 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX4935
    06/02/09 3:33 PM $10,000.00 06/02/09 132977904137084 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX4935
    06/19/09 8:58 AM $5,000.00 06/19/09 132992355396623 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX6913
    06/22/09 8:58 AM $5,000.00 06/22/09 122994946979235 Posted XXXXXXXXXXXX4935

    Comment by marc — Jul 1st 2009 @ 6:53 pm
  117. I opted out but can continue to use the card until it EXPIRES in 2013 at my single digit rate.

    So they lose me as a customer, but I get the last laugh

    Comment by marc — Jul 1st 2009 @ 6:59 pm
  118. I say everyone rack up their Citi Card then stop paying. LOL!

    Comment by Ramon — Jul 1st 2009 @ 7:19 pm
  119. I heard about the rumor that a lot of people are going to stop paying their credit card bills and Mortgage on September 1st. I hope people come to reason and think about what they are doing. But If they do stop paying creditors I hope Citi is one of them. Although this behavior is not correct the country is suffering and people feel like their voice is not being heard. Sorry folks! I wont be joining you but hope your voices are at least heard.

    Comment by Tony — Jul 1st 2009 @ 7:30 pm
  120. Citi is the fourth credit card I will opt out of in the past 10 years. The problem is not being able to pay them off faster due to the daily and apr. Never the less, I agree with many of you, it is about our money and the lack of respect creditors of for it. I always pay more than the minimum. And no Anon, not $2.00 more. I mean 25 to 50% more, on time each month.
    The creditors actually print in pre-form letters that it is becuase of the amount of revolving credit that they must rasie rates. Most if not all are closed and being paid off on time each month. This is the same excuse used to lower credit limits. Even though some accounts do not have balances but the reporting agencys will not and are not oblicated to remove them, even if you request. They are in bed with the creditors.
    Well, citi, no more after 20 years of paying you off and using it again. As someone else mentioned, Citi treated me with respect and that is why I stuck with them…and now this. American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase all opt out and chopping down.

    Comment by DavidH — Jul 29th 2009 @ 8:54 pm
  121. Citicard sent an APR increase from 18.99% to 29.99% The Citicard mass mail tri-fold flier said: “In order to continue to provide consumers with access to credit, we have had to adjust our pricing. This change is being made as a result of a combination of the economic environment and your account revolving balance and recent payments.” It seems obvious this wasn’t targeted to me as a result of my account activity. It was a mass mailing flier.

    There was a time when this amount of interest was considered usury and if you didn’t pay some loan shark broke some bones. No bones are being broken just your financial future. By all means let us rescue those poor financial institutions, their multi-million dollar executives. Let us nurture THEM back to financial health so that the economy is healthy… even if it kills US!

    I don’t have limos or a private jet to get me to Washington but PLEASE hear me Mr. President and Congress “I NEED A BAIL OUT!”

    Comment by J-Sav — Aug 12th 2009 @ 1:07 am
  122. I have some news for you folks. I went through a really bad time and could get my bills paid. I called Citi and begged for some help. They said their was nothing they could do. So I stoped paying them for 2 months. I took a hit on my credit but after they saw i was seriouse they sent me a payment reduction plan and intrest modification. OH!! they also took the 60 days off my credit in writing. You cant be a lamb when you are dealing with a wolf! You have to snarl back and show you got guts and a set of teeth with fangs or you will be dinner.

    Comment by Ronald smith — Aug 12th 2009 @ 3:27 pm
  123. I too, am not for the banks being bailed out either. I got myself into debt and I’m going it on my own. I’m not asking to be bailed out. If Citibank didn’t make bad business decisions in the first place, they wouldn’t have to ask the Government to bail them out with our money. They should have to face whatever consequences it brings on their own. Just like the rest of us that are running a balance. They should have been stricter about their loans. I heard that there was a frivolous, as far as I’m concerned, lawsuit about loan denials by banks. personally I’m surprised an attorney took on such a case. Also, I’m disappointed in the banks, that they didn’t have more back bone about this frivolous lawsuit.

    Comment by David — Oct 25th 2009 @ 6:41 am
  124. After speaking to 19 reps at Citicard. I got a name of a decision maker. She is one person out of the group that decided to increase our interest rate(Change in Term). Her name is Jill and phone number is 605-731-3434. Please give her a call to ask her ” How do you sleep at night by increase everyone interest rate to 30%?”

    Comment by cindy — Nov 2nd 2009 @ 9:20 pm
  125. I just got a letter from shittybank. My APR was at 7.9% paying at least 200 everymonth used the card three times in the last 9 months. First in Oct 23 2009 since i didn’t use my card they put a hold on it did not even know. The supervisor said we put a hold because you didnt or havent used your card in awhile. shittybank I say. Next I complained that you guys just raised my interest to a whopping 29.9 %. I told them nicely that they suck w hope you go under. I’m opting out at 7.99%. They the executive office had the audacity to try to keep me with them I told her something rude. I told her to shut up opt me out because you just became loan sharks of america. Thanks and maybe all the money you guys lost on default I would do the same. She said that you can do it its your choice. I said I know. Send me my letter of opting out at 7.9%. I wouldnt default on my payments but I sure want to aholes.

    Comment by american loan sharks — Nov 6th 2009 @ 8:23 pm
  126. I can see both sides of the fence but i think sometimes people forget that the money on a credit card to begin with belongs to the credit card company. You are buying something at a store and going off good faith being asked to pay for it later. Some people can pay if all later and some just part of it. No matter what, if you choose to say screw it all cause the rates were increased, the debt you incurred on that UNSECURED line of credit is still owed. If you dont pay it, isnt that like stealing. Think about it, you go to Best Buy and purchase a tv, you get a change in terms, you as the consumer say screw it and dont send in anything, you might as well just walked in the store and stole the tv.
    At the same time I also understand that no one likes to owe money, that what it comes down to, and if you have to owe someone money you only want to pay back what you borrowed, no interest, well as we all know, credit cards are a banking business so as a business has to make money but as the consumer you dont want to pay an “arm & leg” for what you borrowed. Yeah I would say the credit card companies are being unfair with increases, but how about this…..DONT LIVE OUTSIDE YOUR MEANS……if you have to borrow on a credit card, use it wisely.

    Comment by icbthsds — Nov 8th 2009 @ 7:17 pm

    Comment by David — Nov 9th 2009 @ 3:44 pm
  128. I received the letter today increasing my % rate. I put about $1k on my card every month and pay it off. This gave me a good reason to take the time to call them … and cancel. I opted-out, which in essence closes the account once it expires.

    CITI doesn’t deserve anyone’s business, but they certainly don’t deserve the business of people who honor their end of the deal and makes their payments, en total each month, just to have them arbitrarily raise the interest rate. I realize it doesn’t affect me, but it does affect others. I’ll give my business to another company. UsBank, maybe!

    Comment by Jen — Nov 9th 2009 @ 3:48 pm
  129. Don’t opt out & cancel the card. All banks are going to do the same thing & it will be impossible get another card. The only thing to do is either don’t use it or don’t carry a balance.

    Comment by Joe — Nov 9th 2009 @ 3:58 pm
  130. I just got my first Citi bank rate increase letter in a while. Mine actually just increased it to 23.99, which is lower than the 29.99 others are citing (unless the Prime Rate jumped 6 points in the past month). I’m annoyed – I don’t carry a balance, pay Citi on time, and have a 791 credit score. I don’t in general like to carry a balance because, well, it costs more (I mostly have a CC to pay online because I don’t like to use my bank card for that). However, it is good for Citi for me to carry a balance occasionally, since it’s one way they make money (aside from charging merchants who accept CCs). I can guarantee you that with this jump I will never carry a balance with Citi, thereby limiting their profits off my line.

    I had a knee-jerk reaction of opting out, but decided since it does not actually affect me at this time, it isn’t worth it. I just consolidated the student loans I have federally and I don’t want to close an acct and have the hit of another inquiry (getting another CC to pay online with) in such a short time on my credit report. I think it’s shitty and stupid since I think I am the sort of customer who would be the lowest risk for Citi, and I’m very annoyed. I might call and threaten to opt-out to see if I can get a lower rate, but otherwise I’m going to be annoyed, and just boycott by using it as little as possible (i.e. once a month, less than 30 bucks).

    Comment by M — Nov 9th 2009 @ 7:57 pm
  131. I just opted out, and I can use my card until 2012 expiration date. I have had this card for 21 years, occasionally carry a balance, but usually pay it off monthly. Citibank deserves to go under, 19.99% on a good customer of over 21 years, they are worse than loan sharks. Citibank makes between 2 & 3% on average on every purchase as that is what the charge the vendors who accept your cards. Citibank screwed themselves as they gave out cards too readily and now the deadbeats are not paying so they are sticking it to the good paying cardholders. Well fuck them!

    Comment by Mike — Nov 10th 2009 @ 9:33 pm
  132. 1. Call citibank and ask to speak to a Senior Account Manager. Keep asking to speak to supervisors. The first two supervisor’s told me I was ineligible, I then got the Senior Account Manger who set me up on this.
    2. Ask to be setup on the “Loan on your card Program”
    - this will lock in your interest rate at 10.99% on your existing balance, w/ a payment plan for 36, 48, or 60 months. I currently have a balance of $1834.10 and I choose the 36 month plan…my payments will start out at $68.07/month….I can also pay more than this to get the balance down asap
    - this will at least keep them from charging you the 29.99% interest rate on your current balance when it goes into effect (Mine goes into effect 11/30/09
    - The program is designed for you to pay off your balance, NOT to keep the lower interest rate….DO NOT use your card during whatever period you choose or you will have to start paying the higher rate.
    3. Write and complain to your state representatives and also to CITI (PO Box 6500, Sioux Falls, SD 57117). Interest Rates this HIGH is unfair to the common consumer w/ good credit. We should not be told by businesses and our national government that Banks are to big to fail…..this is a capitalist country where publicly held companies are responsible to the public….so if these company reps want to rob us, we should hold them liable and convict them….why did ENRON executives get jail and not these people?

    Comment by Eric — Nov 16th 2009 @ 1:00 pm
  133. Citibank just made new changes to my account term. APR went from 15% to 30% although we have had excellent credit history :) They must be kidding!!! Anyway I opted it out and will get rid of it once and for all in few months. I already talked to all my friends not to apply to citicard of any type and I will keep complaining… I haven’t seen such a crapy finance institution… I hope they will broke…

    Comment by gokhan yesilyurt — Nov 16th 2009 @ 8:02 pm
  134. Here is the dept where you can call to complaint on Change in Term “Office of President Citibank 6053311698 or Jill 6057313434.”

    Comment by cindy — Jan 5th 2010 @ 10:46 pm
  135. yesterday I was getting ready to pay my balance on my Sears Gold Mastercard and I noticed my credit limit had been reduced from $2400 to $250!!!!!!!I called and was told “in the last 72 hrs Equifax notified us of a chg in your credit report”. I panicked, thinking identity theft, etc. Pulled my Equifax report and it was the same as last month. Only inquiry by Sears was 12/09/09! Called back asked for sprvsr, told the SAME thing!!!Then, she said maybe my report wasn’t up-to-date!! I JUST pulled it! My credit report is BETTER now than when I applied, I’ve paid more than minimum since I got it, and paid-in-full in 11/09 so I would start New Year off right! She told me I’d get a letter in 7-10 business days!!!!!What if I went over b4 I got the letter?? I filed a complaint w/FTC(fair Trade Commission. Know anywhere else I can complain?

    Comment by Lynn Cress — Jan 8th 2010 @ 2:59 pm
  136. I KNOW FOR A FACT Citi’s clients are upset. what i don’t understand is, the arguing, yelling, vulgar language… really DOESN’T help your situation. the way i see it, YOU GOT YOURSELF INTO THIS, now GET YOURSELF OUT or FACE THE CONSEQUENCES. what i find funny is that this whole mentality of “sticking it to the man” helps you out how???

    Comment by crdtRSLuTn — Jan 14th 2010 @ 12:34 am
  137. Please………………I got myself into this. What did Citi get itself into recently? But with no consequenses! Big Bonuses coming up soon! Tax Payers in a noose to bail them out
    I agreed to do business with Citi in a respectable manor, not a Mafia-like arrangement. My credit score is 800 plus and always has been. I opened my card with them in 1992 and have had balances and have paid off those balances. They and the other big banks are greedy pigs. I have three homes with one fully paid off. The other two are on track to be paid off in 8 years. I will never be beholding to a Big bank again, unless it’s a Credit Union (not for profit). Stick it crdtRSluTn! Stick it Citi!
    I’m not demanding, screaming, yelling. I’m discusted! I’m choosing to make my choices based on decent standards. Once my current balance is paid off, I will be extremely deligent in all choices where I put my money and / or my business. Go gouge someone and sleep well.

    Comment by Temmi — Jan 14th 2010 @ 9:14 pm
  138. crdtRSLuTn – What do you mean “got yourself into this?” You mean because we used credit under a set of terms we were given, only to have the rules changed midstream?

    I have a feeling you don’t have two nickels to rub together. Those of us who do resent paying tripled interest rates to pay for possibly people like yourself who could NOT pay your bills.

    I don’t yell or cuss. I got two letters from Citi with interest hike notifications and I just called them and opted out. Is there something you don’t like about that?

    Comment by Dave — Jan 15th 2010 @ 8:58 pm
  139. For those who think we “got ourselves into this,” we did use the credit made available to us on terms that were given to us at the time. Think of it this way. You are a man, and you marry some broad who likes you because you are a regular guy. Then, years into your marriage, you suddenly decide that Perez Hilton or the guy from “Say Yes to the Dress” turns you on and you “out” yourself. Do you think your wife should stick around? Of COURSE not because she married you assuming that you were a man. Same with the credit card companies. They give you credit at a low rate and then jack it up later. Opting out is a perfectly fine solution.

    Comment by Dave — Jan 16th 2010 @ 4:37 pm
  140. Thought you in US might be interested to know what Citi Card are doing in UK. I have had my account from the days of The Associates and just received a letter from Citi stating my credit limit has been reduced from £17,000 to £1,000! and I don’t owe them a penny. They may not be making money out of me now but have made plenty in the past. I guess the long haul has gone. Bye bye Citi, I look forward to reading of your demise.

    Comment by Colin Larter — Feb 4th 2010 @ 1:29 pm
  141. Folks, realize the real reason that Citi is hiking rates and cancelling good customers- their ceo, Vikram Pandit, worships Prince Seaweed (or something like that). Seaweed told little man that he want a profit in 2010. So little man is screwing America, the land he claims as home. Pandit is committing financial treason in order to satisfy his lover, Prince Seaweed. I am going on facebook to start slamming this company, see how much one person can do to f*** with some bhangi who has never actually worked in his life.

    Comment by Jim — Apr 19th 2010 @ 12:39 pm
  142. citi bank people are jerks! i had a radioshack card and i only used it twice. i had a 700.00 limit and then all of a sudden it went down to 500.00 and i was not late i even paid it off within 2 months of using it. then unexpectedly this year i used for christmas and i charged less than half of the 500.00 limit and still not late in payments i get a letter stating they have closed my account because they looked over my credit and said they decided to close my account. i sent them a letter where they can stick their damn card!

    Comment by bernadette — May 20th 2010 @ 11:08 am
  143. my business was needing IRS 1040 – Schedule E earlier this week and saw a company that hosts a lot of sample forms . If people are wanting IRS 1040 – Schedule E too , here’s a http://goo.gl/deGE9w

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  144. Citi bank cards tried to take $2000.00 out of my checking account without my authorization. That is pretty low down and not legal. I think that I am going to try and sue them for trying to do that

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    Slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE), Corrective osteotomy (CO), Remodeling, Osteoarthritis (OA) Introduction There is still argumentation close to corrective osteotomy (CO) in compensation slipped funds femoral epiphysis (SCFE)She warns that guidelines ‘depersonalise individual patients and baulk them into diseases’ and that the managerial good of guidelines to vdu in real life inexperienced ‘implies levels of coercion and direction which are potentially hurtful of the frangible rectitude that is the doctor-patient relationship’A diagnosis of femoral neck rupture was made by way of a surgeon at the ?rst con- sultation, and he was referred to our infirmary (FigFor the benefit of event, medical scrutinization has “linked acupuncture points to indisputable types of brazenness endings and demonstrated that needling causes the freedom of natural torture killers” (Vickers 1993:120) [url=http://4lifeidiomas.com/assistance/buy-online-sildalist/]buy sildalist 120mg on-line[/url]. Other isoforms such as GST P1-1 and T1-1 are upregulated in sarcoma cells and mediate multidrug guerillas by means of accelerating the detoxication of cytotoxic chemotherapy drugsThe GOG reported the results of a stage III ran- domized study of apparent shaft pelvic dispersal and intracavitary shedding combined with concomitant hydroxy- urea (3 g by mouth twice weekly) versus weekly cisplatin (40 mg/m2 championing 6 weeks) versus 5-FU (1,000 mg/m2 /day as a 96-h infusion on days 1 and 29)-cisplatin (50 mg/m2 days 1 and 29) and hydroxyurea (2 mg/m2 twice weekly conducive to 6 weeks) [HFC] in 526 patients with stages IIB, III, and IVA cervical cancer who had undergone extraperitoneal surgical sampling of the para-aortic lymph nodesWe wishes contemplate on this at a operational with, so do not investigate building up to that epidemic character of the wit from the lower pick nerve chamber uniform (which, regardless, is increasingly effectively being attempted)After amplification and sequencing 1,400 bp of the genomic DNA upstream of exon 1a and a 650 bp fragment between exon 1a and exon 1 in 11 patients and 9 unassociated control sam- ples, a add up to of 13 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were found, of which 2 SNPs were novelThe sooner of these, the dorsal notoriety network (denoted past DAN) is the a certain already discussed in the previous paragraph, being composed of the FEF and IPS, and sending feedback signals from FEF, partly through IPS, to cut cortical sites (Bressler et al [url=http://4lifeidiomas.com/assistance/purchase-online-sildigra/]buy sildigra on line amex[/url].

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