More Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

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The other day I wrote about how to improve your FICO credit score. I was therefore quite interested when I saw that Jeremy at GenXFinance had compiled a list of 15 tips for improving your credit history and FICO score. Given the importance of your credit score in everyday life, it’s well worth taking good care of it.

What follows is a quick rundown of his suggestions. For more details, please check out the original article.

1. Pay your bills on time
2. Don’t bounce checks
3. Start small
4. Visit local lenders
5. Apply for a secured credit card
6. Apply for a loan or credit card with a co-signer
7. Review your credit report once a year
8. Review your credit report before requesting a major loan
9. Avoid letting account be turned over to a collection agency
10. Avoid having judgments filed against you
11. When denied credit, review your credit report
12. Avoid frequently switching employers
13. Avoid frequent changes in residence
14. Work to increase your income
15. Work to decrease your debt

In case you’re curious, I’ve also put together a rundown of the factors that influence you credit score. You might also be interested in reading “Six Reasons You Should Review Your Credit Report,” and “Five Ways to Hurt Your Credit Score.”

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