Opting Out of Credit Card Offers

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This is just a quick tip for those of you that are sick and tired of receiving unsolicited credit card offers in the mail. Did you know that you can easily opt out receiving such offers by visiting OptOutPrescreen.com?

While this won’t actually stop every single credit card offer, it will stop so-called “firm” offers, which are based on information contained within your credit report. By signing up electronically, you’ll opt out of these sorts of credit card offers for a period of five years. If you want to opt out permanently, you’ll have to notify them in writing.

The downside to opting out is that you may miss out on some of the best credit card offers (such as 0% balance transfers, credit card signup bonuses, etc.), as these sorts of offers frequently come by mail, and are often only offered to people with good credit.

Of course, if you opt out and later change your mind, it’s can always opt back in.

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  1. ?היי יש לי לקוחות חדשים בשבילך יכל לעניין אותך

    Comment by GALbodia — May 25th 2019 @ 8:18 am

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